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Though still pending review as of typing, I've added some more information on the line. Tried to reference the "cute-to-cool" and Adventure partners talk via the official panel livestream, but (at least while editing) the reference won't link correctly. I shall add more references and a small gallery once/if my image uploads are cleared (I will also try to upload a smaller version of the War Greymon art for file size purposes). If anything I have done or intend on doing is undesired, my apologies - this is my first time editing on this site, and while I have read the rules, there is a possibility that I'm still doing something wrong.

As a couple of asides; should I build the individual item pages (as the links to unbuilt pages suggest that such pages are or were intended), I would add all promotional images. I felt that including the main image for each figure would be appropriate for the Series page. Also, would it be okay to include photos of the prototypes on display at DigiFes 2017? I imagine the images would need to be correctly credited, but it may be worth doing for the sake of a comprehensive page. I understand if not (either photo rights being an issue or not wanting unofficial images to be used).

Again, my apologies if I've made any missteps in my edits. I'm simply very enthusiastic about this line and felt that I could contribute to its page here.