Digimon Xros Wars - Chapter 03

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"Xros Girls!! The Mysterious Beauty Nene!!"
Japanese "Xros Girls!! The Mysterious Beauty Nene!!"
Kanji/Kana クロスガールズ!!謎の美少女ネネ!!
Romanization "Kurosu Gāruzu!! Nazo no Bishoujo Nene!!"
Release Date August 21, 2010
"Xros Rival!! The Blue Hound Kiriha!!"

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"Xros Heart! Our "King"!!"

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The third chapter of Digimon Xros Wars



Nene's sudden appearance shocks Xros Heart. She approaches Taiki very flirtatiously (causing Akari to fly into a rage) and says she likes strong boys. She offers to show them how to use their newly acquired Code Crown, and when she looks at Taiki's Xros Loader she notes to herself that the color is pure, hot and fierce, but that it might be too clear to 'mix' with her own color. She tells them that whoever posses all the Code Crowns can remake the Digital World, and warns them that they're won't be the only ones looking to collect them all.

After she walks away, Jijimon comes up with the Mushmon village leaders. The Mushmons agree to give Taiki their Code Crown, and two Mushmon solders join their group. Dorulumon says he'll hitchhike with Xros Heart to the next zone, as traveling between them is difficult and Green Zone yielded no word of Cutemon's parents. Taiki tells Akari and Zenjirou that even if the human world is at the end of the path, he wants to stay and help Shoutmon become king. He asks if Akari is willing to stay with him if he does that, to curb his recklessness. Embarrassed, she tersely says of course she'll stay. Zenjirou says he will go to, as Taiki is his destined rival so clearly he must go along. The Digimon enter Taiki's Xros Loader and they jump into the zone transfer portal.

Xros Heart arrives in Snow Zone, and Taiki DigiXroses Ballistamon with a Mushmon, creating Ballistamon MC. They eat dinner there, and Taiki again invites Dorulumon to join their group, but he declines, saying fighting for justice isn't his style. Their conversation is interrupted by Dorulumon realizing the Bagura Army has surrounded them, and the group prepares for battle.

Tactimon, leading this portion of the Bagura Army, speaks to them, and recognizes Dorulumon, noting that he is a traitor to the army. He says that Dorulumon destroyed many villages under his command, and wonders if Cutemon is a survivor from one of them. Everyone is shocked to hear this, but Taiki focuses on the battle, telling Xros Heart to push through one point in the circle of attackers surrounding them. Shoutmon X3 attacks Tactimon, but is beaten with one Ichi no Tachi attack from Tactimon. As Tactimon resolves to finish them, Kiriha arrives and offers to save them if Taiki will become his subordinate.

Nene is on the beach in the Island Zone, and Sparrowmon flies over, excitedly saying the Bagura Army there has been defeated, and asks for something else to fight. Sparrowmon asks what's Nene is looking at, and she responds that she's watching Kiriha and Taiki, deep blue and clear red, and wonders which one will mix with her color.