Jungle Area

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Jungle Area
[[File:|400px|Jungle Area]]
Kanji/Kana ジャングル地帯
Debut "Shining Wings! Garudamon"
Type Jungle
Part of: Server Continent

The Jungle Area (ジャングル地帯 Janguru Chitai) is a location in Server Continent.




Digimon Adventure[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

The Chosen Children, sans Takenouchi Sora, reunited with each other in the Jungle Area in Episode 30, "Shining Wings! Garudamon". They decide to go into the jungle searching for Sora, as they wondered why she wouldn't show herself to them even though both Tachikawa Mimi and Agumon heard her voice before. Patamon heard another voice soon enough, but it turned out to be a Flymon, which worried Tentomon as Flymon are fast. However, Birdramon soon appeared and defeated the Flymon with a Meteor Wing, with her appearance making Yagami Taichi sure Sora had to be around.

Deeper in the jungle, the Chosen Children finally found Sora, though she just ran away from them. They nonetheless chased her until they could corner her. Takaishi Takeru asked her whether she hated them, though she said she didn't, and after being encouraged by Piyomon, she explained her reasons for keeping her distance with them: the night she left to search for Taichi, she saw Pico Devimon talking to someone about the meaning of the Crests, which she proceeded to explain to the group. However, she thought the Crest of Love was unfitting for her, as she had no love, and thus, her Crest would never glow. Her lack of self-esteem came from Pico Devimon telling her she had been raised without any real love, and she believed in that as her mother did not allow her to go to an important soccer match in the past as she was injured, because she only saw her as the daughter of a flower arrangement school head. Sora then broke into tears, and Takeru thanked her for helping them, despite Ishida Yamato not realizing she had done so. Takeru then asked her to stay with them, as he didn't want his family, or rather, everyone to split up, which finally convinced Sora to stay; Pico Devimon spied on them during all of this.

During the night, around a campfire, Taichi talked to the team. He, Agumon and Piyomon assured Sora that her Crest would glow someday; he talked to Yamato about Sora being tired; and he, Agumon and Patamon thanked Takeru for convincing Sora to stay. As they fell asleep, Pico Devimon spied on them still, thinking how he had to do something impressive before Vamdemon arrived; this translated to him attacking Sora as she slept, though Piyomon took the blow instead. The rest of the Chosen Children then woke up, but before they could do anything, Vamdemon arrived from the sky, breaking free from his coffin as he descended. The Partner Digimon except Piyomon then evolved and fought Vamdemon, but they were easily defeated. Piyomon wanted to join the fight, but Sora refused and grabbed her as she was wounded. Piyomon's cries about how Sora didn't understand her made Sora remember how she acted the same way towards her mother the time she was not allowed to go to a soccer match and how her mother in fact put her before anything else. Piyomon then evolved to Birdramon and attacked Vamdemon with a Meteor Wing, though it was useless. Sora's Crest of Love then glowed, and Birdramon super-evolved into Garudamon for the first time. Thanks to Garudamon's power, the Chosen Children were able to stall until sunrise, which let them escape from Vamdemon.

After escaping, Sora told the rest about how she realized she acted just like her mother and that her mother loved her. Taichi then said he wanted Sora's love too, which made Kido Jo blush, which in turn made Mimi offer her love to Jo, though said love was just tree nuts. Gennai then appeared in front of the Chosen Children bearing both good and bad news. Yamato asked him to give them the good news first as they'd be disappointed either way, said good news were that he had found them a new comrade, as there are eight Chosen Children, to everyone's shock, and all of them are needed to fix the Digital World's distortions and said distortions would affect the Real World as well. Taichi then asked him about their name and whereabouts, he didn't know the former, but he did know that they were in Japan, a place Gabumon didn't know but Agumon did as he had been there already. Gennai then told them the bad news: Vamdemon was aware of all of this and was heading to Japan to reach them first, raising an army to find and kill them. Gennai then told them that a gate to Japan was located in Vamdemon Castle and he was counting on them to stop Vamdemon's plan and save their comrade, before his hologram once again vanished.