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A holy Digimon that possesses four wings that shine gold. It is the head of all Bird Digimon, and is said to be the one that presides over Holy-species Digimon. While Holydramon is the ultimate form of Beast Digimon, Hououmon is the ultimate form of Bird Digimon. As proof that it is a Holy-species Digimon, it draws holy power from where it holds its two "Holy Rings", and it is understood that the power possessed by Hououmon is unfathomable. Its Special Move is solemnly flapping its four wings, causing it to rain golden grains (Starlight Explosion). It is said that those who suffer this technique have all of their wickedness purified.
The effect on Hououmon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
It now has twelve "Holy Rings", and gives off power so sacred that not even ordinary Angel-species Digimon are a match for it. The divine aura covering its body is the largest defensive "Firewall", and so it is immune to all viruses. It is said that if a Digimon touches one of its falling feathers, they will be protected from the clutches of evil.
Its Special Move "Starlight Explosion" has become even more powerful due to the increase in its holy power.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Starlight Explosion [1] スターライトエクスプロージョン Sutāraito Ekusupurōjon Rains golden grains from its wings that purify evil, or explodes with light.


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Digimon Chronicle X[edit]

Hououmon (X-Antibody) is one of the many Digimon from the New Digital World that were brought together by Doumoto Kouta and Musha Yuuji, motivated by Kouta's speech about protecting the future. She is one of the first Digimon from the New World to arrive in the Old Digital World to aid in the battle against the Seven Great Demon Lords and the Digimon of the Dark Area.

Hououmon X is the one who stops Lilithmon (X-Antibody) from using her "Nazar Nail" against the injured Examon, using her flames. Though disadvantaged against the Demon Lord of Lust, Hououmon X fights bravely, motivating Examon not to give up. At this moment, the Royal Knight manages to generate X-Antibodies inside of his body, achieving the X-Evolution.

Grateful for Hououmon X's actions, Examon (X-Antibody) sides with her in the battle against Lilithmon X and the evil Digimon under her control.

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Early design illustration from the Digital Monster Artbook Ver. X

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References Notes
  1. Hououmon X-Antibody's initial artwork was illustrated by Moriyama Soh.