Digimon World Re:Digitize - Chapter 02

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Japanese "Complication!"
Kanji/Kana 交錯!
Romanization "Kōsaku!"
Release Date July 21, 2012

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The second chapter of Digimon World Re:Digitize



Black the Black War Greymon (X-Antibody) let loose a blast from its mouth at Angewomon and Lady Devimon, though they both managed to avoid it. Taiga, Nyanko Tamer (Rindou Akiho's avatar), Agumon and Digitorin the Piyomon got sent flying by the shock wave it caused. Black then charged at Angewomon, to Mikagura Mirei's fear. Kuga Yuuya was confident that meant one of Mirei's Partner Digimon was down, but Black was stopped by a barrage of fireballs from Digitorin. Nyanko Tamer then screamed at Yuuya and Mirei for barging into their match, shocking Taiga and Nicolai Petrov, who observed everything alongside Taiga from his computer and found her scary, as did Taiga. Yuuya realized the damage was giving him temporary restrictions. Mirei made an exit and commanded her Digimon to escape through it, as Yuuya would lose all track of her once the exit closed, and thanks to the restrictions, they succeeded in doing so. Taiga, Nyanko Tamer, Agumon and Digitorin looked at the exit, as the former pointed out Angewomon and Lady Devimon had disappeared. Mirei relaxed thanks to that, but wondered who Yuuya was, as he had overwhelming power and the authorization to move freely within GIGO's server, which meant he had a special status in GIGO.

Black turned to the Tamers left in the Colosseum and, in a sound-only connection, Yuuya pointed out that their interference was very irksome and he had no time to play along with them, which Nyanko Tamer found very rude. However, for Yuuya, both Digital Monsters and their low-level battle really were nothing but a game. Nyanko Tamer couldn't let that go unchallenged and Yuuya asked her if she wanted to test him, warning her that she should be careful as Black and him were a little irritated. Black then charged in and swiped at Agumon and Digitorin. Akiho reacted at the blow, while Taiga decided he had to help Digitorin, as did Nico, who sent in his Partner, Sashenka the Gaomon, through his wrist-mounted Digivice. Sashenka rescued Digitorin and Agumon Warp Evolved into War Greymon. However, Yuuya was unfazed, as he thought that no matter how many people joined or evolved, they were no match for him and would teach them that in an instant. Black retracted his arms and legs, confusing Taiga, then let loose a massive shockwave. War Greymon shielded Sashenka and Digitorin with his body. The attack caused explosions all over the Colosseum and left War Greymon badly wounded. Taiga flew towards his partner, as Yuuya asked everyone if they understood their powerlessness as he was a chosen one unlike them. With his hand over War Greymon, Taiga pointed out that it had to be a mistake for someone like Yuuya, who only flaunted around his power, to be chosen. Yuuya pointed out that the scenary around them was the proof of his status and his complaints were those of a loser, then commanded Black to put an end to the fight, aiming at Nico, Nyanko Tamer, Sashenka and the KOed Digitorin. An emergency announcement then sounded off, that the battlefield building Colosseum would be updated to the digitower interior set up within the Digital World. After the update, Yuuya wondered what happened, as he hadn't heard of any plans for such a large update. Mirei was shocked that the technology to transfer materials from the Real World into the Digital World, Digitize, had progressed so far.

Black then charged at his enemies. Nico challenged him, Nyanko Tamer pointed out he was in no shape to fight, and Nico acknowledged she was right but there were times where he had to fight no matter what. Taiga was worried as they'd all die at this rate and begged War Greymon to lend them his power. This awoke his Partner Digimon who, after a roar, shot a Gaia Force at Black, to Yuuya's surprise as he should've been near-death. The attack caused massive damage to Black, shocking Yuuya as it shouldn't have had so much power, and he had Black retreat afterwards.

Nyanko Tamer and Nico alongside their partners cheered Taiga and Agumon for their victory. They all agreed they thought they were goners, but Taiga explained that when he called out to War Greymon as if he were in a trace, War Greymon responded to it. Nico pointed out it was a nice explanation and Nyanko Tamer that they were a mystery.

Back at Taiga's house, Taiga's mother entered his room and offered him dorayaki, then welcomed Nico and offered him some as well, and both accepted. Meanwhile, at a cafe, Akiho accepted they'd continue their battle another day. Mirei wondered about the Gaia Force that showed far greater power from its original configuration and War Greymon's mysterious revival, explaining that his Tamer's strong and unique ability to adapt to the Digital World must have temporarily awakened War Greymon's abilities. She found all the people involved interesting:

  • Nico, the son of Professor Petrov who developed the Digitize technology.
  • Akiho, the number one Digital Monster Tamer in the world.
  • Yuuya, the one with a privileged GIGO account who held overwhelming power but lurked in darkness.
  • Taiga, the Tamer who showed incredibly strong adaptability to the Digital World.

Acknowledging them as the most appropiate to receive an e-mail, she sent it to them:

"Before everything returns to the void, digitalize and renew the world..."