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Omega Shoutmon is a form obtained when Omegamon bestowed the legendary "Evolution" upon a Shoutmon that released its boiling hot soul. In addition to its intense passion, it shines gold because its whole body is clad in the Omega inForce, a power received from Omegamon, and its build has also become crisp and sharp. Because of its body's glitter and sharpness, its enemies only see Omega Shoutmon's figure as an afterimage that cannot be pursued. Its "Heavy Metal Vulcan", which fires from its chest a hail of shots converted from the passion of its overflowing friendship into firepower, is not only an attack but also becomes an impregnable barrage that keeps opponents away, protecting its comrades. It effuses its passion to justice from the "V" on its head and assaults the opponent while shining greater than the sun, eradicating them (Victorize Banking). With its "Hard Rock Damashī", in which the passion of its courage turns into flames and surges in its fists, it is able to suit its attack to the situation, by striking the opponent when in close range, and hurling the flames when at long range. Its "Beat Slash", in which its feet become blades by filling them with the passion of its fighting spirit, kicks and cuts apart the opponent. Its "Omega the Fusion", in which it draws the power of the Omega inForce from its whole body, concentrates it into an aura, and shoots it at the opponent, blows away even the morale of those who witness it.
The effect on Omega Shoutmon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
The red lines spread throughout its body are something that emerged when Omega Shoutmon's fiercely boiling passion and the X-Antibody synchronized with each other. Its "Flare Rock Damashī", in which that passion is unleashed, taking on the form of crystal claws, drastically increases its power. Although its "Heavy Heat Vulcan" rapid-fires tiny fireballs, each shot is Mega Flame-class. In addition, its greatest Special Move is charging its hands with scorching-hot energy shots that never cool down, and then firing them (Zeal Magnum).
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Heavy Metal Vulcan [1]
ヘヴィメタルバルカン Hevi Metaru Barukan Fires streams of flaming bullets from its chest.
Victorize Banking [1]
ビクトライズ・バンキング Bikutoraizu Bankingu Unleashes flaming V shapes from the V-shaped crest on its head.
Hard Rock Damashī [1] Hard Rock Spirit ハードロックダマシー Hādo Rokku Damashī Channels its burning passion into fire blasts from its palms, which can be flung over a distance or used to strike at close range.
Beat Slash [1]
ビートスラッシュ Bīto Surasshu Its feet become blades by filling them with the passion of its fighting spirit, after which it kicks and cuts apart the opponent.
Flare Rock Damashī [1] Flare Rock Spirit フレアロックダマシー Furea Rokku Damashī Its passion turns into crystal claws which drastically increases its power.
Heavy Heat Vulcan [1]
ヘヴィヒートバルカン Hevī Hīto Barukan Rapid-fires tiny fireballs; each shot is Mega Flame-class.
Zeal Magnum [1]
ジアルマグナム Jiaru Magunamu Charges its hands with scorching-hot energy shots that never cool down, and then fires them.
Omega the Fusion [1]
オメガ・ザ・フュージョン Omega za Fyūjon Channels the Omega inForce into an aura resembling Omegamon, then tackles or shoots it at the opponent.


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Digimon Chronicle X[edit]

Omega Shoutmon (X-Antibody) alongside Rize Greymon (X-Antibody) are the ones who lead the New Digital World reinforcements, gathered by Doumoto Kouta and Musha Yuuji, towards the Old Digital World.

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References Notes
  1. Omega Shoutmon X-Antibody's initial artwork was illustrated by Watanabe Kenji.
  2. BT11-043 (DCG) can turn BT11-018 (DCG) into a Scumon whose name is also treated as Omega Shoutmon.
  3. According to BT11-018 (DCG) Shoutmon DX's name is also Omega Shoutmon.