Piccolomon's Forest

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Piccolomon's Forest
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Kanji/Kana ピッコロモンの森
Debut "The Fairy! Piccolomon"
Type Forest
Part of: Server Continent

Piccolomon's Forest (ピッコロモンの森 Pikkoromon no Mori) is an area in the Server Continent. It is surrounded by a barrier created by Piccolomon, and thus, invisible from outside. It can only be entered or exited by portals created by Piccolomon himself. Outside of one, which linked to the desert, is a well that contains the Crests of Friendship and Knowledge.




Digimon Adventure[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Piccolomon brought the Chosen Children into his forest after criticizing their skills and deciding to train them in Episode 23, "The Fairy! Piccolomon", after saving them from an attack by a Kuwagamon in the desert. Inside his forest, Piccolomon pointed the Chosen Children to his training camp. Ishida Yamato and Izumi Koshiro did not want to stay too long in one place, as they were being pursued by Etemon, but Piccolomon assured them that no one could see them due to his barrier. Even before the training, Piccolomon had the Chosen Children and Partner Digimon all climb up, which left them exhausted, and which gave Piccolomon even more reasons to criticize them. With that done, the proper training started with the Chosen Children having to scrub all the floors. He then reiterated that Yagami Taichi and Agumon were getting the special menu, which Taichi was fine with. As such, the duo had to split up from the rest, which worried Yamato and Takenouchi Sora, though Taichi assured them he'd be fine. Even Agumon was worried, although Yamato and Gabumon cheered the duo on.

Piccolomon then took Taichi and Agumon to a dark cave. Their training was to retrieve "something important" at the end of the cave. He refused to explain further and left Taichi and Agumon alone. Deeper into the cave, they found a treasure chest, which they assumed was what they were meant to find. However, they were unable to grab it, as they started sinking into the ground.

In Piccolomon's base, most of the Chosen Children and their Partner Digimon rested after their training. Meanwhile, Yamato asked Koshiro if he had seen Taichi, and Koshiro answered he hadn't returned yet, which worried both. At that point, their Tags started glowing, which meant their Crests had to be nearby. They decided to look for them, with Gabumon and Tentomon quickly joining. During their trip, they ended up at the barrier Piccolomon had created and left through it, ending up back in the desert. In it, they found a well whose walls were shining, which they climbed down to find their Crests, the Crest of Friendship and the Crest of Knowledge, respectively. However, they were then attacked by Etemon's servant, Tyranomon, and had to run away.

Back in the base, Tachikawa Mimi, Sora and Palmon talked about how the rest left to find their Crests. Piccolomon soon interrupted them, saying they should not get distracted by the others, though Sora was worried about them. Piccolomon then sensed the barrier had been broken and that Yamato and Koshiro were in danger, so the Chosen Children left to rescue them.

Meanwhile, Taichi and Agumon found themselves in a boat. Said boat went past a bridge which Taichi remembered, and in it, Taichi and Agumon saw a younger Taichi trying to ride a bicycle. The younger Taichi gave up trying to ride the bike, but the older Taichi encouraged him to continue. Thanks to that, they found out what that "something important" was - that they should not get discouraged.

At the same time, the other Chosen Children met up, now facing Tyranomon who had broken through the barrier. Etemon soon showed himself as a hologram and performed his Love Serenade, leaving the Partner Digimon with no power, making them easy prey for Tyranomon. Piccolomon accepted they could not wait for Taichi and Agumon and he would have to take on Tyranomon himself, but said duo then arrived. With newly found determination, Agumon evolved into Greymon once again to face Tyranomon. With Tyranomon defeated, Etemon left in anger. Piccolomon congratulated them on a job well done, although Agumon was confused because they didn't find anything physical, and Taichi congratulated Yamato and Koshiro on finding their Crests.

Later on, Taichi and Agumon thanked Piccolomon for his training, although he pointed out their training wasn't over and they should give their all to it. Piccolomon then wished them good luck.

In Sub-Episode 11, "Jo's Training", Kido Jo returned to Piccolomon's base to ask him to train him in competition as he had an entrance exam next year, which Piccolomon praised him for as he knew his own weaknesses, but warned him of the harshness of the training he sought. Said training started with a physical exercise: a fight against three Gazimon. Jo managed to clear it, though he was tired afterwards, but Piccolomon forced him to do it one more time as he was too slow. However, Jo pointed out his lack of stamina and asked Piccolomon for training to improve his competitive focus instead. As such, Piccolomon took Jo and Gomamon to the same caves Taichi and Agumon were in before, with the training merely being reaching the end of the cave. Before they could move, however, another Jo, named "Jo's Shadow" in-game, appeared from the darkness of the cave. The shadow repeated the exact same things Jo said to Piccolomon before, which annoyed Jo as the shadow did nothing but complain, which Gomamon pointed out was just like Jo, which made Jo realize that he had come to Piccolomon to train but he did nothing but whine instead. After that, the shadow disappeared, and Jo decided to go back to Piccolomon as they had cleared the training. Back in Piccolomon's base, Jo asked Piccolomon if he was the one who put the shadow in the cave, which the Digimon confirmed, and Jo pointed out that he was already good at what he wanted to do so he just embarassed himself, the realization of which Piccolomon took as proof of Jo's growth. Piccolomon also warned him that the training would only get harsher, but nonetheless gave him the Again DigiPiece as a reward, which allows the equipped Digimon to make another Digimon get a turn.