Dukemon (ReArise)

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Kanji/Kana デュークモン
Dub Name Gallantmon

Dukemon is a member of the Royal Knights in Digimon ReArise. In the past it used to be Megidramon of the Four Great Dragons.


Baby I ?
Baby II ?
Child Guilmon
Adult Growmon
Perfect ?
Ultimate Megidramon
Super Ultimate Dukemon: Crimson Mode


Video Games[edit]

Digimon ReArise[edit]

One day when Megidramon was rampaging in the Digital World the other three members of the Four Great Dragons take it upon themselves to fight Megidramon and put a stop to its destruction. After a long fought battle they succeed as Megidramon de-evolves to Guilmon after running out of energy and then passes out. They then decide to leave it in its Child stage, though Goldramon states it would permanently destroy it if it went on another rampage.

Some time later, Guilmon wakes up without any memories. It smells the freshly cooked bread from the nearby restaurant and runs over to it, though has no money to be able to buy some. Feeling bad for the hungry Guilmon the owner, Digitamamon, states it will give it some bread if Guilmon helps with the deliveries.

After Guilmon delivers the bread to the local Lalamon it is attacked by a group Meramon who had witnessed Megidramon's rampage, the group deciding to get revenge for all the Digimon that had lived the village that Megidramon had destroyed. During the fight the Meramon accidentally attack the Lalamon as a result of Guilmon dodging their attacks which causes to Guilmon angrily evolve to Growmon due to having seen its new friends getting hurt, after which Growmon easily defeats the Meramon. As the Meramon beg for mercy Growmon suddenly remembers previous Digimon's cries for mercy, which causes Growmon to run away upset that so many Digimon were scared of it as it simply wanted to be friends with everyone and decides it would be better off alone.

Later that night, as it wanders the forest alone, having de-evolved back to Guilmon, it suddenly runs into Sagittarimon - who - after seeing how hungry Guilmon was tries to share fruit with it though Guilmon rejects it, telling Sagittarimon to stay away due to it being a bad Digimon. With Sagittarimon being the only Digimon in the forest it decides it doesn't mind if Guilmon lives there too, though tells it that if it wants to be alone it can live on the other side of the forest - which Guilmon decides to do. Despite Guilmon's attempts to remain alone Sagittarimon constantly visits in attempts to befriend Guilmon and the duo eventually bond over constellations and slowly become close friends. After Guilmon finally accepts Sagittarimon as its friend Sagittarimon tells Guilmon to use its powers to help others and that that will eventually have the other Digimon accept it, which is why Sagittarimon had been being nice as well — as it didn't want to be alone either. The duo then spend many days living together.

One day they are suddenly visited by a Death Meramon who had been trying to find Guilmon so that it could kill it for its Meramon friends. Death Meramon reveals that the Meramon had also asked Sagittarimon to kill Guilmon which causes Guilmon to run away in tears, assuming it had been betrayed by its friend. Unbeknownst to Guilmon however Sagittarimon fights Death Meramon to try and stop it achieving its goal. After running away Guilmon is ambushed by a group of Tankmon though Sagittarimon arrives just in time to take the blow for Guilmon. The anger at seeing its friend getting hurt causes Guilmon to angrily warp evolve to Megidramon, after which is rampages once again. Having heard of its rampage Goddramon arrives to the forest, regretting ever having shown it mercy. As Goddramon attacks Megidramon over and over Megidramon remembers the lesson Sagittarimon taught it about helping others and reverts itself back to Guilmon, apologising to Sagittarimon for being responsible for it getting hurt — with Goddramon shocked that a Digimon like Megidramon would protect another Digimon. Goddramon heals Sagittarimon and then after learning that Guilmon wishes to get stronger so that it can protect Digimon like Sagittarimon it tells Guilmon to go on a journey and travel the Digital World so that it could become strong enough to do just that and refrains from telling it that it used to be a member of the Four Great Dragons.

Guilmon then goes on its journey and eventually becomes Dukemon of the Royal Knights.

One day, when the Player, Herissmon, Kohinata Mayu, Kudamon, Tsukimori Chihiro, and Lopmon were having a picnic a Digital Point suddenly opens up and the group find Dukemon fighting a Spiral-4004Y. After it defeats it the group offer to share their bred with Dukemon, though it refuses as it has nothing to give in return. Chihiro suggests it teaches the group how it got so strong, which Gallantmon agrees to which leads it to decide to spar against the group. After defeating Stefilmon the Digital Point begins to shrink, meaning it could not eat the bred with its new friends though the group give it some bread to take with it. Mayu asks Dukemon what kind of bread it would like to eat the next time they meet — and after seeing that the bread was made in the shape of animals, Dukemon asks Mayu to make it bread in the shape of a Digimon.

Later Jesmon uses its ability to sense unusual phenomenon and senses a massive distortion and reports it to Alphamon. The 13 Royal Knights then all gather together, and come up with a plan to split up in half and attack it from both sides in an attempt to seal it, half in the Digital World, and half in the Human World. As they do so, large amounts of Spiral emerge from the distortion. The Royal Knights defeat them all, however even more emerge all over the Digital World, so the Royal Knights split up to take them down.

Whilst taking care of these distortions, Lucemon: Falldown Mode is freed due to the distortions caused by Spiral breaking Lucemon's seal. Lucemon is confronted by Dukemon, Omegamon, Alphamon, Examon, Ulforce V-dramon, and Magnamon and Lucemon easily deals with all them. Alphamon realises that the only way they could take out Lucemon would be for all 13 Knights to attack at once, however the remaining members were busy fighting Mastemon, as they believed Mastemon was a problem due to being made of two opposing forces joining together. Not being able to re-convene to fight Lucemon, Gankoomon requests the help of the Player to fight Lucemon in the missing members stead. Lucemon is eventually defeated by Alphamon Ouryuken.

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