Vademon's Den

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Vademon's Den
[[File:|400px|Vademon's Den]]
Kanji/Kana ベーダモンの巣
Debut "Breaking Through! Atlur Kabuterimon"
Type Den
Part of: Server Continent

Vademon's Den (ベーダモンの巣 Bēdamon no Su) is a location in Server Continent, located inside a seemingly-endless hole. Vademon rules over it, and calls it the Sacred Mysterious Universe, though in reality, it is merely a trap for those that fall into the hole, which Vademon uses to steal their hearts to sell them later.




Digimon Adventure[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

In Episode 28, "Breaking Through! Atlur Kabuterimon", Pico Devimon prepared fake signs to lead Izumi Koshiro into a hole which, without his knowledge, led to Vademon's Den, as a way to not make Vamdemon angry. They warned about falling poop, which led Koshiro to take a detour. Later signs outright blocked the path while warning of extreme poop instead. Continuing down the path Pico Devimon marked for them led Koshiro and Tentomon to fall in a hole which Pico Devimon considered a great success. The hole was pitch-black and seemingly endless, and Tentomon was unable to fly in it. After Koshiro asked where they'd end up, Vademon's voice told them the hole led to Hell, as those who were possessed by greed would fall to Hell. Koshiro didn't believe they were possessed by any kind of greed, but Vademon disagreed and said he was possessed by the greed of wanting to know everything. As such, he had to throw away his inquisitive heart to be saved, which Tentomon didn't want him to. Koshiro asked Vademon how to get rid of his inquisitive heart, and Vademon answered he had to pray for it. After the prayers, the darkness of the hole turned into a galaxy, which Vademon, who had now appeared in front of Koshiro and Tentomon, called the Sacred Mysterious Universe, which he ruled over. He offered to dispose of Koshiro's inquisitive heart, as it was more important to obtain Cosmic Power. Koshiro meekly followed Vademon's commands, ignoring Tentomon completely.

Outside of the hole that led to Vademon's Den, Pico Devimon wondered if he had dug that deep a hole, which was an issue since he hadn't gotten the Crest of Knowledge from Koshiro. Vademon rose from the hole in front of the bat Digimon, happy about the heart he obtained. Pico Devimon asked him if he had seen a human and a Digimon fall into the hole, which he acknowledged and went back into the hole, leaving it once again with Koshiro's inquisitive heart, which he tried to sell to Pico Devimon as the Merchant of the Heart Universe. However, what Pico Devimon wanted was the Tag and Crest he held, which Vademon didn't sell. Pico Devimon attempted to convince him by offering a fine poop as a trade, which worked.

Meanwhile, inside Vademon's Den, Koshiro kept reciting letters. Vademon appeared in front of Koshiro and Tentomon once again, to the latter's anger, and told the former that he had to throw everything away to acquire Cosmic Power. Tentomon screamed at Koshiro to stop, which broke him out of his trance. This also filled Tentomon with power, causing him to evolve into Kabuterimon. However, Kabuterimon was not strong enough to face Vademon. Koshiro realized he needed his inquisitive heart to win, but Vademon proclaimed it belonged to him now. By accepting it as an important part of him as well as his desire of knowledge, Koshiro recovered his inquisitive heart, and with it, Kabuterimon super-evolved into Atlur Kabuterimon.

After defeating Vademon, Koshiro and Atlur Kabuterimon found the exit and left through the same hole they fell down before, which caused Pico Devimon to run away. Atlur Kabuterimon then devolved to Mochimon, and Koshiro thanked him. They then met up with Ishida Yamato, Tunomon, Takaishi Takeru and Patamon; and afterwards, with Gennai, who told them the distortions in the Digital World had not been corrected yet and that he believed in them, before disappearing. Nonetheless, they decided they needed to meet up with the rest of the Chosen Children.