Digimon Twin L

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Series Digimon Twin
Version L (Liberation)
Colors White, Orange, Black
Release Date March 19, 2007
Language Japanese
List of Virtual Pets



Yukimi Botamon Yukimi Botamon
  • Born from egg

Baby II[edit]

Nyaromon Nyaromon
  • Wait one hour


Gaomon Gaomon
  • Nyaromon: -1 Calls
Gabumon Gabumon
  • Nyaromon: 2-3 Calls
Gottsumon Gottsumon
  • Nyaromon: 4+ Calls
Agumon Hakase Agumon Hakase
  • Nyaromon: 0-1 Calls. Must have been born from special event egg.


Gaogamon Gaogamon
  • Gaomon: -2 Calls, Train 25+
Garurumon Garurumon
  • Gaomon: 0-4 Calls, Train 12-24
  • Gabumon: -2 Calls, Train 25+
  • Agumon Hakase: 0-4 Calls, Train 12-24
Flymon Flymon
  • Gabumon: 0-4 Calls, Train 10-24
  • Gottsumon: 0-2 Calls, Train 25+
Cockatrimon Cockatrimon
  • Gottsumon: 0-4 Calls, Train 10-24
Vegimon Vegimon
  • All Child Digimon: When other evolution conditions are not met
Wizarmon Wizarmon
  • Agumon Hakase: -1 Calls, Train 25+
  • Must have been born from the special event egg


Mach Gaogamon Mach Gaogamon
  • Gaogamon: -1 Calls, Perfect Conditions met
  • Garurumon: -1 Calls, Perfect Conditions met
Were Garurumon Were Garurumon
  • Garurumon: -1 Calls, Perfect Conditions met
Anomalocarimon Anomalocarimon
  • Gaogamon, Garurumon: 2-3 Calls, Perfect Conditions met
  • Flymon, Cockatrimon: 0-3 Calls, Perfect Conditions met
  • Vegimon: 2-3 Calls, Perfect Conditions met
Digitamamon Digitamamon
  • From all Adult Digimon: 5 bombs (?)
Piccolomon Piccolomon
  • Wizarmon: -1 Calls, Perfect Conditions met
  • Vegimon: ???
  • This Digimon must have been born from the special event egg.


Mirage Gaogamon Mirage Gaogamon
  • Mach Gaogamon: -2 Calls, Perfect Conditions
Metal Garurumon Metal Garurumon
  • Were Garurumon: -2 Calls, Perfect Conditions
Pinochimon Pinochimon
  • Digitamamon: 0-4 Calls, Perfect Conditions
Minervamon Minervamon
  • Digitamamon: 5 Bombs (???)
  • This Digimon must have been born from the special event egg.
  • This Digimon replaces Pinocchimon.
Z'd Garurumon Z'd Garurumon
  • Piccolomon: -1 Calls, Perfect Conditions
  • This Digimon must have been born from the special event egg.


Burpmon Burpmon
  • Any Digimon: Weight above 80G. Burpmon cannot battle and will turn other Digimon into Burpmon during Event Communication. Burpmon will return to its previous form when its weight drops.
Qinglongmon Qinglongmon
  • This gives you the Event Egg after your Digimon dies.
  • This is caused by random chance, no specific pre-requisite.


  • Care
    • This icon looks like an exclamation point. Selecting it will bring up whichever care option your Digimon needs. Most of the time, it gives you the option to feed your Digimon, but it also handles flushing, turning the lights on and off, and giving medicine.
  • Training
    • The next menu screen displays a barbell icon and a book icon. Select the barbell to train your Digimon by rapidly pressing the B button. Select the book to view your Digimon's battle records.
    • Training lowers your digimon's weight, and at the same time, increases their Strength meter.
  • Connect
    • Here, you're given two options: Twin and D-Vice. The Twin option gives you the option to battle another Twin or connect for an Event. The D-Vice option only allows you to battle with an iC or Burst.
  • Stats
    • This icon looks like a heart. Here, you can view your Digimon's Age, Weight, Hunger, and Strength. The Hunger and Strength gauges will flash between a piece of meat (or vitamin) and a stack of four indicators that function much like the hearts in older v-pets.
  • Perfect Conditions
    • 20 or more battles. A 40% Win Ratio gives a small chance of evolution, 60% gives a better chance, and 80% and higher gives the best chance. Event Communication is also required for evolution. 10-19 instances of Event Communication gives a small chance, 20-29 instances gives a better chance, and 30 gives the best chance.