Evil Spiral

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Evil Spiral
Evil Spiral
Kanji/Kana イービルスパイラル
Dub Name Dark Spiral

An Evil Spiral (イービルスパイラル Ībiru Supairaru, Dub: Dark Spiral) is a device made by Digimon Kaiser to enslave Digimon. Unlike an Evil Ring, it can operate without requiring a Dark Tower to be nearby.



Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

After his failures in control Perfect Level Digimon like Andromon or Metal Greymon with the Evil Ring, the Digimon Kaiser redesigned it to be more efficient. He changed its shape and made it more powerful in order to control Perfect Level digimon. However, it still can be easily destroyed by an attack if it's powerful enough. It also does not appear that the Kaiser can create and unleash them en masse as with the Dark Rings.


Hyper Colosseum