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Bandits (バンディッツ, Bandittsu) are a trio who are members of the mysterious organizaton, Selector. They were originally Union Tamers who created a Defrag program to protect the Digital World. But, in doing so, it caused the Ancient Tree to go into a bad state, turning them into "Digimon-like Beings" who served as prototypes to the Erasers.

They intentionally use Numemon, which are weak Digimon, and stand in the protagonists' way. Although it seems that they are carrying out some form of evil, their true colors, objectives and actions are unclear.[1]



Video Games[edit]

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution[edit]

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red & Blue[edit]

Bandits make a cameo appearance as participants in the Platinum Tamer Match. It is revealed that they are "Super Digital Creatures" (スーパーデジタルクリーチャ, Sūpā Dejitaru Kurīcha) created by Yggdrasill. They are also referred to by the Referee as "Captain Uno", "Professor Dos'" and "Princess Tres" respectively. Each of them possesses three Digimon, one of which is a Digimon that would constitute the Three Head Officers. After defeating each of them, they once again combine into Ex-Eraser Ω. Upon defeating it, Taiki will attain the rank of Platinum Tamer.


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