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For the Digimon species who are based on tanks, see Tankmon and Tankdramon.
Two of the tanks, Āka and Takosu, in battle against each other.

In Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!!, the Human and Beast Digimon armies of the Wandering Island use a series of massive tanks (戦車 Sensha) in battles against each other. There are five individual tanks, split between each of the two sides, which each have different armaments and capabilities.


Each tank is typically crewed by multiple Digimon at a time.[1]

The hulls of each of the tanks are able to light up in extremely bright, ever-shifting patterns of color, and are frequently seen in this state at night. When the lights are off, their hulls are flat, desaturated metallic colors, which have been described as "camouflage colors".[2]

The names of the tanks are never stated in Revival of the Ancient Digimon!! itself, and no significance is given to their individual identities at all during the course of the film. Instead, their names are given on the 2002 Summer Toei Anime Fair website.[2]

List of Tanks[edit]

Tank Pinocchi M07.jpg Affiliation Armaments
Human Digimon[2] Large twin cannons[2]
Small twin cannons[1]
Pinocchi is equipped with a large screen,[2] which is used to broadcast footage of Darcmon speaking. Dinohumon often commands it.[1]
Tank Aka M07.jpg Affiliation Armaments
Beast Digimon[2] Single medium-sized cannon[2]
Āka's cannon boasts the highest firepower of all of the tanks.[2]
Tank Yubo M07.jpg Affiliation Armaments
Beast Digimon[2] Swiveling ball-mounted cannon (fires cannonballs), medium size[1]
Yūbō's tower-like bridge can be raised and lowered like a periscope, enabling reconnaissance over long distances.[2] Hippogriffomon is often seen appearing from the bridge to address the Beast Digimon.[1]
Tank Takosu M07.jpg Affiliation Armaments
Human Digimon[2] Single small cannon[1]
Takosu is the largest of the tanks. It is equipped with a large searchlight for illuminating the night sky.[2]
Tank Tortoise M07.jpg Affiliation Armaments
Human Digimon[1][N 1] Large laser cannon inside mouth[2]
Back-mounted missile launchers[2]
Tortoise is capable of smashing through stone walls.[1]



Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!![edit]

Shortly after the Chosen Children are stranded on the Wandering Island, the group in the Human Digimon city (Kanbara Takuya, Shibayama Junpei and Himi Tomoki) witness the tanks Takosu and Tortoise pull up in the city (Tortoise also nearly crushes Junpei) and fire brightly colored smoke fireworks. Tomoki inquires as to whether this means there is a festival active, but Kotemon and his Baby Digimon allies are saddened and say nothing. During a subsequent Beast Digimon raid on the city, Dinohumon pulls up in Pinocchi and attempts to threaten the Beast Digimon into standing down, but does not succeed as they instead perform a suicide bombing.

During Dinohumon's subsequent revenge raid on the Beast Digimon village, Yūbō fires upon his raiding party, killing all of them except Dinohumon himself. After Dinohumon flees, Yūbō's bridge raises and Hippogriffomon appears on it to address the Beast Digimon.

That evening, during the rallies that Darcmon and Hippogriffomon hold for their respective communities in preparation for the coming battle, the tanks patrol the city and activate their hull lights. When the armies march to the ruins for the battle, Takuya and Dinohumon take Pinocchi, while Minamoto Kouji and Gryzmon take one of the Beast tanks.

Shortly before the battle at the ruins begins, Pinocchi fires a blast which, unbeknownst to anyone outside, causes the mural of Ornismon, Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon inside the ruins to totally fall apart, just as Bokomon is attempting to read its inscription. Despite this setback, Bokomon and the rest of the group set about reassembling the mural again, this time holding it in place to try and prevent it from being broken apart by further tank fire.

When the battle begins, the tanks open fire. Pinocchi bombards the ruins, but is hit by a shot from one of the other tanks from far away, killing some of its crew. Yūbō appears from around the mountain and bombards the three Human tanks. Tortoise smashes through the outer wall of its ruins, charges up and fires its laser cannon, and fires a wave of missiles that bombards the entirety of the ruins.

The sight of Tortoise's wave of fire is the last straw for Takuya and Kouji, who have since abandoned fighting for their respective armies, and they Spirit Evolve and attempt to stop the battle. Takuya/Vritramon immediately targets Tortoise and attempts to drag it away from the ruins; in response, Takosu opens fire on him, but Takuya forces himself to keep dragging Tortoise. Meanwhile, Āka fires a blast that knocks Kouji/Wolfmon off his feet while he is disarming soldiers, so he turns his attention toward pursuing Āka, which also comes under fire from Takosu.

In response to Gryzmon's calls for him, Hippogriffomon appears on top of Yūbō to rally the Beast Digimon back into attacking, but shortly after the fight is stopped when Junpei/Blitzmon and Orimoto Izumi/Fairimon draw everyone's attention and expose the true purpose of the battle.

Following Hippogriffomon/Darcmon/Murmukusmon's resurrection of Ornismon, Ornismon opens fire on the tanks, forcing Dinohumon and Gryzmon to put their forces on the defensive. When Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon appear and the Chosen Children press the offensive, all five tanks scale the cage that Ornismon's resurrection formed to assist the Chosen Children, and concentrate all of their fire on Ornismon and Murmukusmon, leaving them open to Takuya, Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon's attacks.

Additional Information[edit]

References Notes
  1. The official 2002 Summer Toei Anime Fair website for Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!! makes some claims about the tanks that are not reflected in the final cut of the film. These include:
    • That each tank "fights alongside" a particular Chosen Child: Pinocchi with Kanbara Takuya, Āka with Minamoto Kouji, Yūbō with Orimoto Izumi, Takosu with Shibayama Junpei, and Tortoise with Himi Tomoki. Since the the tanks only play an extremely minor role in the film's narrative and no attention is ever drawn to their individual identities, this may have been a discarded concept from an earlier version of the script.
    • That Tortoise belongs to the Beast Digimon. In the film, it is depicted as belonging to the Human Digimon.