Dinohumon (Frontier)

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Kanji/Kana ディノヒューモン
Dub Name Dinohyumon
Voice Actor Japanese Ueda Yūji (上田祐司)
English Doug Erholtz

Dinohumon is a supporting character in Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!!


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Dinohumon is a member of the Human Digimon community on the Wandering Island, a commander in the Human Digimon army, and the elder brother of Kotemon. He is honest and conscientious, and he holds the leader of the Human Digimon, Darcmon, in esteem.[1] He is initially convinced that the Beast Digimon are oppressive enemies who cannot be tolerated, and does not approve of Kotemon's friendship with Bearmon, a Beast Digimon. He is known to become so enraged and consumed by the need for retaliation against the Beast Digimon attacks that he does not heed Darcmon's counsel or strategies.[2]



Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!![edit]

When a small band of Beast Digimon launch a surprise raid on the Human Digimon city, Dinohumon pilots the tank Pinocchi and attempts to use it to threaten them to stand down. He is not successful, as the Beast Digimon merely rush the Human Digimon infantry and perform a suicide bombing, taking many lives. When he glimpses Hippogriffomon lurking nearby, he runs off into the city alleys in pursuit of him, but instead only finds Darcmon. Darcmon counsels patience to avoid further losses, but Dinohumon is too enraged to listen and takes a band of soldiers to retaliate, determined to make the Beast Digimon pay.

Dinohumon and his band conduct a raid on the Beast Digimon village and kill many of its solders. He demands that Hippogriffomon come out and face them, and expresses no interest in fighting his counterpart Gryzmon instead of Hippogriffomon. His raid is short-lived, as the tank Yūbō opens fire on his band, killing all of them except Dinohumon himself. Their tactics, which he accuses of being cowardly, force him to retreats, barely missing Hippogriffomon emerging from the tank to address the Beast Digimon.

At sundown, Dinohumon, along with a Nohemon and a Yaksamon, finds the Chosen Children and Kotemon in the company of the Beast Digimon Bearmon at the Wandering Island's ruins. He throws one of his blades at the group to get their attention, and demands answers. A fight breaks out between him and his men, and Gryzmon and two of his own subordinates, as he personally takes on Gryzmon, while trying to convince the Chosen Children that the Beast Digimon are the enemy. However, Kanbara Takuya/Agnimon tackles Dinohumon against a wall and convinces him to stand down, and Minamoto Kouji/Garummon does likewise for Gryzmon. Dinohumon regains his composure and demands that Kotemon come home with him, effectively ending his friendship with Bearmon.

That night, as Dinohumon and the Human Digimon army prepare for an all-out battle against the Beast Digimon, Dinohumon approaches Takuya and attempts to solicit him to join the Human Digimon in the battle. Takuya feigns interest and agrees to it, solely to keep Dinohumon distracted while Kotemon and Himi Tomoki sneak out behind his back. As they travel to the battlefield aboard Pinocchi, Dinohumon tries to thank Takuya for agreeing, but Takuya is having none of it.

At the battleground around the ruins, Dinohumon gives the signal to the Human Digimon to begin their advance, as Gryzmon does likewise for the Beast Digimon. He is concerned that Darcmon is not present, but witnesses Takuya run off without a word, shortly before Pinocchi comes under fire from the Beast Digimon tanks. Once he sees Takuya Spirit Evolve into Vritramon and start trying to drag Tortoise away, he cries out for Darcmon to come and rally the troops.

When Izumi/Fairimon and Shibayama Junpei/Blitzmon stop the fight and present their case against Darcmon (absent) and Hippogriffomon (present), Dinohumon is initially in disbelief, but has no answers for Takuya when he demands to know where Darcmon is. He is astounded when Hippogriffomon drops the pretense, Slide Evolves into Darcmon, and reveals that the Human and Beast Digimon, including himself, had been manipulated into the war all along in order to revive Ornismon.

When Ornismon opens fire on the armies and their tanks, Dinohumon commands his forces to assist the Chosen Children. Subsequently, he witnesses the death of Kotemon and the return of Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon to defeat Ornismon.

After the battle, Dinohumon gathers with Gryzmon and Bearmon to see the Chosen Children off. He thanks them for ending the conflict, although Takuya and Kouji credit Kotemon and Bearmon with doing so.

Dinohumon is subsequently depicted on a new mural that commemorates the end of the war, alongside the Chosen Children, Bearmon, Gryzmon and the Baby Digimon.

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