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Kanji/Kana コテモン
Dub Name Kotemon
Voice Actor Japanese Kawata Taeko (川田妙子)
English Debi Mae West

Kotemon is a main character in Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!!


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Child Kotemon
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Kotemon is a member of the Human Digimon community on the Wandering Island, and is the younger brother of Dinohumon, a commander in the Human Digimon army. He gives his all in everything that he does,[1] and does not easily give up. He strongly dislikes fighting and is saddened by the conflict between the Human and Beast Digimon, and believes that both sides are capable of getting along with each other if only the violence would stop. However, he also has a habit of blindly putting all of his hope and faith in higher powers, such as the island's guardian deity Ornismon, to resolve the conflict, even when it seems impossible that his belief in their ability to do so could ever actually eventuate, although he is ultimately proven right to have done so.[2]

Despite the conflict between their two peoples, he is very close friends with Bearmon of the Beast Digimon, and the two lead a group of Baby I Digimon friends from both sides. They keep their friendship a secret from their respective brothers, Dinohumon and Gryzmon, as they know that they will be in trouble if they are caught.[2]



Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!![edit]

When the Chosen Children are stranded on the Wandering Island, Kotemon and his Baby I Digimon friends are the first to find Kanbara Takuya, Shibayama Junpei, Himi Tomoki, Bokomon and Neamon in the Human Digimon city. He tries answering their questions about the place: he explains to them who Ornismon is when they ask about a statue depicting it, but when they ask about the tanks, he is saddened by the thought of them and says nothing. He is present for an attack by Beast Digimon soldiers.

Subsequently, he leads Takuya and his group to a neutral meeting ground, where Bearmon has brought Minamoto Kouji and Orimoto Izumi. When the two groups of Chosen Children begin bickering over what they have witnessed each side do to the other, Kotemon, Bearmon and the Baby Digimon start crying and beg them to stop fighting. They tell the group about their friendship and ask them not to tell their brothers, then invite them to see a "secret" of theirs.

Kotemon and Bearmon lead the Chosen Children to the interior of the Wandering Island ruins and show them the broken mural of Ornismon. When Bokomon examines it and notices the incomplete inscription, Takuya and Junpei speculate that completing the mural could provide the key to ending the violence on the island. The thought excites Kotemon, Bearmon and the Baby Digimon, and they insist that they all try.

However, as they leave, they are interrupted by Dinohumon, Gryzmon and their subordinates, who object to Kotemon and Bearmon being together and start fighting each other, despite Kotemon begging them to stop. When Takuya (as Agnimon) and Kouji (as Garummon) force Dinohumon and Gryzmon to stop, Dinohumon takes Kotemon home, and Kotemon and Bearmon are forbidden from ever seeing each other again. The two are absolutely distraught and cry out for each other as they leave, but resign themselves to it.

That night, as the Human Digimon forces prepare for the final battle against the Beast Digimon, Tomoki, Kotemon and the Baby Digimon quietly sneak away from the city, directly behind Dinohumon's back, while Takuya keeps Dinohumon distracted by volunteering for the battle. They gather at the mural again, and Junpei brings Izumi, Bearmon and his Baby Digimon friends as well. Tomoki and Kotemon have decided to attempt to reassemble the mural in the hope of finding a way to end the war, and all of the others join in the effort. They initially succeed at completing the inscription, but the mural shatters again due to a tank blast outside before Bokomon can translate. Despite this setback, Kotemon refuses to give up and insists on trying again.

When the group re-completes the inscription and hears Bokomon's translation, Kotemon, like the others, is shocked at its true meaning: a prophecy for how Ornismon, actually evil, can be resurrected. Kotemon and Bearmon point out that the mural is still not complete, and that perhaps there will be hope if they can finish the Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon portions; when Junpei points out the missing shape of the Wings of the Sea Bird, Kotemon identifies it as matching the shape of Darcmon's staff, while Bearmon does likewise for Hippogriffomon's pendant. While Izumi and Junpei run off to warn the others of their discovery, Kotemon, Tomoki and Bearmon continue work on the Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon portion of the ruins.

When Ornismon is revived, the ceiling of the ruins is torn off by the cage that is created, exposing the ruins and Kotemon. Once the group sees Ornismon and Murmukusmon, Kotemon runs to the mural and implores Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon to stop the fight, refusing to give up and accept that it is impossible. In response to Kotemon's pleas, the mural's depictions of the two Digimon start glowing, but Murmukusmon interrupts them and has Ornismon blast the mural. Kotemon throws himself in front of the blast and is killed, and as his friends, the Chosen Children, Dinohumon and the armies watch on, his Digitama plummets down to the Wandering Island as his last words "We're all friends..."僕たちは…みんな友達…」 echo all around.

Kotemon's Digitama reacts to Bearmon's cry of grief over his death, and Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon manifest, fulfilling Kotemon's hopes. After they have destroyed Ornismon, Takuya credits their victory over Murmukusmon and Ornismon to Kotemon and Bearmon's faith.

Some time later, Kotemon is reborn, and together with a group of Baby Digimon, approaches Bearmon while the latter is tending to a new mural commemorating the end of the war. The two excitedly embrace.

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