Gryzmon (Frontier)

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Kanji/Kana グリズモン
Dub Name Grizzlymon
Voice Actor Japanese Miyake Kenta (三宅健太)
English Peter Spellos

Gryzmon is a supporting character in Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!!


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Gryzmon is a member of the Beast Digimon community on the Wandering Island, a commander in the Beast Digimon army, and the elder brother of Bearmon. He holds the leader of the Beast Digimon, Hippogriffomon, in esteem. He is ferocious and belligerent in demeanor,[1] and tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve, both positive and negative. He wholeheartedly endorses Hippogriffomon's message that the Human Digimon must be eliminated for the sake of justice and peace, and does not approve of Bearmon's friendship with Kotemon, a Human Digimon.[2]



Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!![edit]

When Dinohumon conducts a Human Digimon raid on the Beast Digimon village, Gryzmon emerges from his and Bearmon's house to deal with him, instructing Bearmon to stay in the house and putting out a call for Hippogriffomon. He attempts to challenge Dinohumon, but Dinohumon is not interested as he is bent on revenge on Hippogriffomon. Once the tank Yūbō forces Dinohumon to retreat and Hippogriffomon appears from it to address the Beast Digimon, Gryzmon enthusiastically concurs with Hippogriffomon's calls for vengeance to ensure peace, and rallies his soldiers to fight.

At sundown, Gryzmon, along with a Prairiemon and a Bullmon, finds the Chosen Children, Bearmon and Kotemon having an altercation with Dinohumon and two Human Digimon, and immediately attack the Human Digimon. Gryzmon personally takes on Dinohumon while trying to convince the Chosen Children that the Beast Digimon are the enemy. However, Minamoto Kouji/Garummon tackles Gryzmon against a wall and convinces him to stand down, and Kanbara Takuya/Agnimon does likewise for Dinohumon. Gryzmon regains his composure and demands that Bearmon never play with Kotemon again, and takes him home.

That night, as the Beast Digimon army prepare for an all-out battle against the Human Digimon, Gryzmon attempts to solicit Kouji to join the Beast Digimon in the battle, having been intrigued by his status as Ancient Garurumon's heir. Kouji immediately rejects the offer, to his disappointment, but quickly changes his answer in order to keep him distracted from the arrival of Shibayama Junpei. Gryzmon is delighted at Kouji's acceptance and gives him a bear hug, and leads him away to prepare for the battle. The two subsequently travel to the battleground aboard one of the Beast Digimon tanks, although Kouji drops the pretense, openly criticizes the war, and rebuffs any further friendliness from Gryzmon.

At the battleground around the ruins, Gryzmon shatters a rock in his teeth to signal to the Beast Digimon to begin their advance, as Dinohumon likewise signals the Human Digimon. Upon witnessing the violence, Kouji insists that Gryzmon end the battle, provoking a heated argument. Gryzmon accuses him of not understanding the feelings of the Beast Digimon, Kouji throws the accusation back in his face by pointing out how he does not understand Bearmon's feelings, to which Gryzmon shoves him aside and runs into the battle, abandoning Kouji.

As the battle continues, Gryzmon calls out for Hippogriffomon to come to the Beast Digimon's side. Unbeknownst to him, Gryzmon's calls force Hippogriffomon's alter ego, Darcmon, to depart from the Human Digimon side and travel through the ruins alone in order to privately Slide Evolve into Hippogriffomon and rejoin the Beast Digimon, which Orimoto Izumi and Shibayama Junpei inadvertently witness.

By the time that Hippogriffomon arrives to rally the Beast Digimon, Izumi/Fairimon and Shibayama Junpei/Blitzmon stop the fight and expose Hippogriffomon/Darcmon's deception and true motivations. Gryzmon is initially in disbelief, but Hippogriffomon drops the pretense, Slide Evolves into Darcmon, and reveals that the Human and Beast Digimon, including himself, had been manipulated into the war all along in order to revive Ornismon, he is enraged at having been deceived.

When Ornismon opens fire on the armies and their tanks, Gryzmon commands his forces to aid the children. Subsequently, he witnesses the death of Kotemon and the return of Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon to defeat Ornismon.

After the battle, Gryzmon gathers with Dinohumon and Bearmon to see the Chosen Children off. He apologizes to them for having been fooled into perpetuating the war.

Gryzmon is subsequently depicted on a new mural that commemorates the end of the war, alongside the Chosen Children, Bearmon, Dinohumon and the Baby Digimon.

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