Digimon World Re:Digitize - Chapter 01

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"Digital Monster"
Japanese "Digital Monster"
Kanji/Kana デジタルモンスター
Romanization "Dejitaru Monsutā"
Release Date June 21, 2012

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The first chapter of Digimon World Re:Digitize



Five young children: Nicolai Petrov, Rindou Akiho, Kuga Yuuya, Mikagura Mirei, and Taiga, dived into the Digital World by entering their passwords and having their accounts confirmed. Taiga appeared in the Digital World alongside his Partner Digimon, Agumon, as the announcer welcomed him and explained that it was a MMORPG provided by GIGO Company, and that he'd be transferred to the Colosseum. In there, they found Nico with his partner, a Gaomon named Sashenka, who proclaimed that he had finally found Taiga (despite living next door to him) and how he'd beat him this time. Taiga accepted the challenge, answering that he'd win this time as always. Agumon and Gaomon leaped at each other, but they were suddenly stopped by an error.

From his house in the Real World, Taiga looked at the error in his computer and how the game had frozen, then was startled by the sound of his doorbell. Nico was at his door, and Taiga asked him to get his finger off his doorbell, but Nico instead told him how his Digimon gave him an error and froze, same as Taiga's. Nico let himself in and took an ice cream bar from Taiga's fridge while proclaiming he had the perfect plan to beat Taiga, but Taiga only hoped the error would be fixed soon. Nico opened Taiga's window as it was hot, and explained how all network communications, not just Digimon, had been unstable recently. Taiga asked him if his father, a research technician at GIGO, had told him anything about it, but Nico answered that he was too busy with work to even come home. He then explained that GIGO Company had a monopoly on the world's wireless industries, and wondered if the network acting up and his dad not coming home were caused by a GIGO mistake, though he quickly said it was a joke. He then looked at his ice cream bar, it was a winner.

In the Digital Space inside GIGO Server, Mirei's Partners, Angewomon and Lady Devimon, looked at various screens. Mirei observed that the number of strange fluctuations shaking up the net kept growing by the day, suspected that something was going on within the abyss of the network, and felt she was getting closer to finding out what it was. She then explained that a few years ago, servers had suddenly gone down without explanation and the only one to succeed in maintaining their systems and make rapid progress afterwards was GIGO. She did an independent investigation on the matter, which led her to a certain mystery: Project Vitium, which GIGO had triggered the incident with, according to the fragmented records that remained on GIGO's server, and the man leading it was Professor Yakov Petrov, who had mysteriously disappeared according to records of the project. Mirei thought only the doctor's whereabouts could give her the truth. She was then distracted by the appearance of a Digimon's signal and warned her Digimon to be careful. A Black War Greymon (X-Antibody) called Black then appeared in front of Angewomon and Lady Devimon, as his Tamer, Yuuya, pointed out how he had finally found the hacker. He commended Mirei's hacking abilities, as he had noticed there was someone lurking in the server but she had made it difficult for him to find her. However, as the one who'd lead GIGO Company someday, he couldn't allow her to do as she pleased and would dispose of her.

Back to Taiga's house, he saw that the error was fixed and he was back online, and he got mail. Said mail was a battle request from Nyanko Tamer, whose cat face avatar was on the mail itself. Nico reacted to the name, though Taiga didn't know who it was, and Nico explained to him that they were ranked N°1 in Digital Monsters but everything other than their strength was a mystery, and players all over the world looked up to them, making them practically a living legend. This excited Taiga, as it meant Nyanko Tamer and their Partner Digimon were probably really strong. Nico corrected the "probably", and Taiga sent them the OK for their battle, which shocked Nico, who warned Taiga that they might beat him so bad he could never recover, and that they were probably the devil despite their cute avatar. Taiga didn't mind, however, as he also aimed to be the N°1 player so he'd have to beat them sooner or later. He also had faith that his partner was the strongest, so he wouldn't be beaten so easily. Nico acknowledged he had a point but still thought Nyanko Tamer was a devil.

Drinking while looking at her computer, Nyanko Tamer's true identity, Akiho, happily saw how her challenge was accepted. She looked at pictures of Taiga, Agumon, Nico and Sashenka, and pointed out how she had been interested in them for a while, especially Taiga, as she felt something strange coming from him.

Taiga and Digimaru arrived in their designated Colosseum, meeting Nyanko Tamer's avatar and her Partner Digimon, a Piyomon named Digitorin. Nico warned him not to let his guard down, and Nyanko Tamer immediately had her Piyomon shoot fireballs at Agumon. Taiga commanded him to dodge, but he failed to and got hit. Akiho wondered if the battle was over already, as Digitorin flew over Agumon and shot a fire blast at him. Taiga reacted to the attack and Agumon dodged it. Taiga commented on how close that was and Nico reminded him of his previous warning. Akiho realized she had been right about Taiga, he was different from other people and had a high communicative bond with his Digimon, and wondered if he was like her, capable of hearing Digimon voices, which she thought only she could do. Regardless, it was becoming a really fun battle for her. She then told Taiga that it would've been sad if he was beaten before he could even evolve but Taiga told her the battle wasn't over yet and it was his turn now, with Nyanko Tamer praising his magnificent spirit, with a will to fight that didn't fade and a heart that loves a challenge. However, their fight was interrupted as a Colosseum wall suddenly exploded, startling Nyanko Tamer, and Angewomon and Lady Devimon fell from said explosion. Black then appeared from the explosion, as Yuuya pointed out he had Mirei cornered.