Luxury Liner

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Luxury Liner
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Kanji/Kana 豪華客船
Debut "Cockatrimon, the Illusionary Ship's Captain!"
Type Ship
Part of: Server Continent

The Luxury Liner (豪華客船 Goukakyakusen) is a ship found in the middle of the Desert in the Server Continent. Its captain is Cockatrimon, and it has a crew of Numemon. It is also close to the cactus that hid the Crest of Purity.




Digimon Adventure[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

The Chosen Children found the Luxury Liner in Episode 22, "Cockatrimon, the Illusionary Ship's Captain!". Yagami Taichi asked its crew, a group of Numemon who were in the deck, to rest in their ship, as Koromon was feeling weak. Tachikawa Mimi then took over the negotiation and easily convinced the Numemon.

After entering the ship, the Chosen Children, except Mimi and Takenouchi Sora, left for the dining room due to Takaishi Takeru's hunger. The dining room had a lot of food, however, as they tried to eat it, they weere attacked by several Numemon. During their attack, Koromon evolved into Agumon. After that, Cockatrimon entered the room and petrified everyone.

Two other Numemon then entered Mimi and Sora's room and attacked them as well, which started a fight, which the Chosen Children won. Afterwards, they searched the ship for the rest, as they had disappeared. The search led them to the deck, where Cockatrimon ambushed them. Sora realized he was working with Etemon and Mimi that he had taken everyone else's Tags, with Cockatrimon telling them he had put them all to sun-dry and threatened to do the same to Sora and Mimi. However, he was incapable of beating their Partner Digimon, and was sent flying by Togemon instead. Afterwards, his servant Numemon ran away and the Chosen Children were freed from his petrification.

The Chosen Children then found a giant cactus in front of them. The cactus then bloomed, and from its flower, a giant Crest of Purity appeared, that then shrunk and entered Mimi's Tag. However, Mimi was not happy about it, as she wondered whether she could raise Palmon properly as Gennai told her to.

Digimon New Century[edit]