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The Piccolo Protocol refers to the act of ignoring "official" romanizations released by Bandai if the spelling makes little to no sense from a linguistic perspective. The prime example of this is Piccolomon, whose official released name is "Picklemon" which would be spelled with different katakana if it was referring to a brined cucumber rather than the Italian word for "small".


  • All Digimon affected by the Protocol will have some sort of note under the Name tab:
    • Piccolomon, officially named Picklemon
    • Volcdramon, also translated as Volcdoramon
  • Not all incorrect spelling requires a change. Some spellings can be passed off as stylistic choices, aka, trying to sound cool.
    • Examples of this would be Rize Greymon and Gryzmon. Rise Greymon and Grizzmon would be more correct, but because they are so blatantly trying to be hip like a sugary cereal mascot in the 90's by using alternate letters with the same spelling, it is acceptable even if it is a bit irritating.
  • Some romanizations may be correct in the origin language, even if the katakana is incorrect for it.
    • Example: Chimairamon. Chimaira is one of several acceptable spellings of the mythological beast. However, the katakana matches the pronunciation and spelling "Chimera" instead (kimera rather than kimaira).

List of Digimon Affected[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Official Reason for Change
Aegiochusmon: Holy アイギオテュースモン:ホーリー Aegiochusmon: Holly Holy is mistranslated to Holly, this Digimon has has no relation to a Christmas wreath
Aegisdramon イージスドラモン Ageisdramon The name is derived from the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System
Aero V-dramon エアロブイドラモン Earo V-dramon Aero is mistranslated
Ancient Sphinxmon エンシェントスフィンクモン Ancient Sphinkmon Sphinx is mistranslated
Ancient Wisemon エンシェントワイズモン Ancient Wisetmon Its name does not have a t in it, presumably a typo
Blucomon ブルコモン Bulucomon The extra u should not be included, is a mistranslation of Blue
Brachimon ブラキモン Brachiomon It is impossible to translate the name to Brachiomon, as the name is Brachimon (ブラキモン) not Brachiomon (ブラキオモン)
Coatlmon クアトルモン Quetzalmon Katakana does not support the DRB name change, as Quetzal would be (ケツァル Ketsaru) from (ケツァルクアトル Ketsarukuatoru)
Gaioumon: Itto Mode ガイオウモン:厳刀ノ型 Gaioumon-Itto Mode The name literally has a : in it
Guardromon (Gold) ガードロモン(金) Gardromon (Gold) Consistency with Guardromon + guard is not spelled gard
Hackmon ハックモン Huckmon As stated by Bandai on social media, the name is derived from hakku (ハック), hukku is not a thing. This also effects Bao Hackmon and Savior Hackmon. Hackmon (Appmon) is translated correctly
Jungle Mojyamon ジャングルモジャモン Jungle Mojamon Consistency with Mojyamon
Löwemon レーベモン Louwemon The word is Löwe
Megalo Growmon (Orange) メガログラウモン(橙) Megalo Grawmon (Orange) Consistency with Megalo Growmon + the name is derived from growl
Pawn Chessmon ポーンチェスモン Paun Chessmon The Chess piece is "pawn". This also applies to Pawn Gaossmon and Pawn Shoutmon
Peti Meramon プチメラモン Peti Memramon They somehow added an m to the name, presumably a typo
Piccolomon ピッコロモン Picklemon Originally romanized by Megchan, Piccolo (ピッコロ pikkoro) comes from the Italian word piccolo, as opposed to pickle (ピックル pikkuru).   
Platinum Scumon プラチナスカモン Platina Sukamon Platnium is mistranslated + consistency with Scumon
Ragna Lordmon ラグナロードモン Ragna Loardmon Lord is not spelled Loard
Red Vegimon レッドベジーモン Red Vagimon Changed for consistency with the more correctly named Vegimon which is supported by the katakana (レッドベジー redbejī).
Submarimon サブマリモン Sabmarimon The name is derived from Submarine, it is not a "Sabmarine"
Strabimon ストラビモン Storabimon Originally romanized by Megchan, the name origin is from "strabismus" and there is no such thing as a "storabi".   
Yanmamon ヤンマモン Yammamon The creature is named Oniyanma not Oniyamma. This also effects Sand Yanmamon
Volcdramon ヴォルクドラモン Volcdramon
Originally officially translated as Volcdramon, the DRB release mistranslated it.
Yo!Yo!mon ヨッ!ヨッ!モン Yoxtu!Yoxtu!mon The xtu are not supposed to be part of the translation

List of Humans Affected[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Official Reason for Change
Kanzaki Ai 神崎爱 Kannzaki Ai The correct spelling is Kanzaki
Nicolai Yakovich Petrov ニコライ・(ヤーコヴィッチ)・ペトロフ Nikorai Yakovich Petorofu Mistranslated. This also applies to his family members
Thoma H. Norstein トーマ・H・ノルシュタイン Thoma H. Norshtein The correct spelling is Norstein. This also applies to his family members