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Digimon Infinite Evolution (数码宝贝无限进化, Shùmǎ Bǎobèi Wúxiàn Jìnhuà) is a card game that released on September 17, 2021 in China. It is a joint production with Bandai China and Kayou Technology.[1] It reuses art from previous Japanese card games.

Image Gallery[edit]

Digimon Infinite Evolution.jpg Digimon Infinite Evolution 2.jpg Dm01-01.jpg Dm01-09.jpg Dm01-85.jpg Dm01-35.jpg
Digimon Infinite Evolution Digimon Infinite Evolution Yagami Taichi Koromon Agumon Greymon
Dm01-55.jpg Dm01-69.jpg Dmpr-02.jpg
Metal Greymon War Greymon Omegamon

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