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Name & Etymology
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Muhyou [1] Hoarfrost 霧氷
Hoarfrost[1] Exhales freezing black mist.[1]
Koubou [1] Beam of Light 光芒
Beam of Light[1] Fires light into the air that descends on the target in the form of a beam, confusing them and sealing their abilities.[1]


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Digimon Survive[edit]

The Master is Dark evolved form of Huanglongmon. Driven by the desire for revenge against his clan and especially his older sister Minase Yukiha, its Human Partner, Minase Haruchika, makes his partner Kemonogami partner absorb large amounts of negative emotions which causes this form to happen. He then allows himself to be devoured and merges with the beast so that he could control Master's actions.

In every route, the Master is the one responsible for creating the fog in order to absorb human children into himself to gain even more power and creates the Kenzoku from it. He leads Piemon and the Kemonogami that serve him to sacrifice human children to him, in a vain promise to stop the fog if they do. After Momotsuka Takuma returns from the Real World in Part 9, he takes over the body of Minase Miyuki, the priestess, who he desires for her power to open gates to the Real World, greatly increases the amount of fog in the world and becomes more aggressive in obtaining his goals, attacking the school and the amusement park, though according to Jijimon in the Truth route, this wasn't to hunt the human children or Kemonogami, but simply to destroy the places created from human memories. Jijimon's theory is proven wrong though, as he attacked it with the intention to kill Baihumon to stop him from weakening his powers (and is able to so in the routes outside the truthful route). He also manipulates Renamon early in Part 10 by offering them Miyuki back in exchange for the sacrifice of all the other human children, though after Renamon starts to doubt him, he reveals himself and says he never cared about the words of a "craven beast".

In the Moral route, he fuses Miyuki with his Kenzoku 3rd Rank to give himself a stronger body as Miyuki (Kenzoku), however, Miyuki is ultimately freed from him by Omegamon, the fused form of Agumon and Gabumon. Afterwards, he forces everyone into his domain, where he fights them directly. After beaing greatly wounded, the Master summons and absorbs Kenzoku 1st Rank to become more powerful, shown in-game as him fully healing and gaining 4 boosts to every stat. To stop him, Miyuki sung her song, which caused space to warp and weaken the Master (as well as allowing calls and text messages from the Real World to reach everyone's cellphones), shown in-game by removing all of his boosts. To stop Miyuki from singing, he attempts to absorb her. However, he's weakened once again by the messages sent to Takuma about his fight with Piemon, which called human attention to the Kemonogami's world, which calmed his raging spirit. This strengthened everyone's resolve, giving 4 stat boosts to every Partner Kemonogami. He was finally defeated, and the souls of the children he absorbed were released as lights. His true form was left behind, a ball of light cleansed of all the human souls (stated to be an Egg) which itself was about to fade, although the Master refused to. He tried to convince the children that he only cared about protecting the world, which would collapse otherwise, and needed the power of the sacrifices to do so. While the Kemonogami believed his words, Agumon recognized his effort but refused to accept he did the right thing, as any world that needed the sacrifice of children to live deserved to be destroyed.

In the Wrathful route, he's confronted by Plutomon before the other children can arrive to him, as Shibuya Aoi, herself in control of Plutomon, wanted to use his powers to fuse every human and Kemonogami into herself to obtain true peace and harmony. However, he absorbs Plutomon instead, becoming Plutomon (Fusion), and faces the children in that form. After being defeated, Aoi takes over his body and powers, revealing that was her plan all along.

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