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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Kugutsushi [1] Puppeteer 傀儡子
Puppeteer[1] Fires white energy beams at the enemy.
Hitokage [1] Shadow Figure 人影
Shade[1] Bites with a protuberance on top of its head and releases darkness from it.


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Digimon Survive[edit]

During Part 11 of the Moral route, the Master, possessing Minase Miyuki's body, fuses said body with his Kenzoku as he needed a stronger body, creating this Super Ultimate, All-Rounder form for the party to fight. During the fight, Minase Akiharu and Renamon called out to Miyuki to break free from the Master, but the Master took her over again and again, until Akiharu attempted to just break her free physically, which led to Miyuki attacking him and Renamon sacrificing themselves to protect him, and the grief of their death allowed the Master full control over Miyuki once again.

Realizing they could never win, Kimishima Saki, Shibuya Aoi and Shinonome Miu wanted to run away, while Hinata Minoru and Shinonome Kaito wanted to stay and fight, reckless as it may be. Momotsuka Takuma, meanwhile, was unable to decide, but Agumon told him to rely on him and he'd make sure he had nothing to worry about or fear. Takuma realized this meant Agumon thought they could save Miyuki and the world, and Agumon wanted to make those wishes come true. Gabumon relied the same feelings to his own partner, Akiharu. Their resolves restored, Takuma swore to save Miyuki and the world, and Akiharu knew they had no choice but to do it. This caused Agumon to feel a heat inside of him due to Takuma's intense emotions, and Gabumon to feel something he had never felt before, a mix of many feelings, due to Akiharu's resolve. Knowing their current forms could not take those emotions and that they had to become one, Agumon and Gabumon fused together into Omegamon, whose strength restored everyone's resolve. Omegamon then used his Grey Sword to free Miyuki from her Kenzoku body.

Master also tried to do this in the truthful route, but the Kenzoku that were about to fuse with her were killed by the partner Kemonogami before they could complete the fusion.

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