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Hey, I created this page just now as this is the final boss of Part 11 of the Moral route of Survive. There are a couple things to be fixed/debated though:

  • Name: Right now I named this Miyuki (Kenzoku) as Miyuki goes to Minase Miyuki. In-game, this is just called Miyuki. Maybe this page should be Miyuki alone instead, and a "For the character, see Minase Miyuki" disclaimer on top should be added, as in Gargomon for Galgomon?
  • Attacks: I could not get him to use Puppeteer. It's lower-power than Shade with the same cost, so I imagine the only way to have him use it would be to keep at a distance of 5. Also, the names are taken from the English version of Survive, I have no way to check the Japanese version, so if anyone can, please add that.
  • Categories: This has the Digimon category when it sholdn't, but I'm not sure what controls that. I added the Digital Creatures category as well but the Digimon one should be removed.
  • Header: The header is the same as that of the Master, as I copied this page from that one, but it should have its own template with its own name.
  • Image: I took this image from the main Survive page but it'd be nice to have a proper rip of it instead of a screenshot (and it's stretching out the table too)--Blaze Dragon 12:34, 20 August 2022 (GMT -3)
I personally prefer using what the game officially calls it, but it is an issue when the name is just the character's name. Arata from Cyber Sleuth is a similar case. His boss form is officially just called "Arata", but our page for him is unofficially "Arata + Eater".
As for the Digimon category, it can't be helped. With the way the wiki works, the Digimon category is tied to the Ultimate Level category. There is technically an Ultimate Class category that's not tied to the Digimon category, but as mentioned on the Master's page, the game explicitly classifies it as "Ultimate-level", not "Ultimate-class" or "Ultimate-equivalent". To say otherwise would be false information.
It wouldn't be the first case either. Aside from the aforementioned Master, there are Yggdrasil_7D6, GAIA, Vitium, DW2's Guardians, and other digital lifeforms that officially received Levels (and thus are also categorized as Digimon on the wiki).--YongYoKyo (talk) 20:33, 20 August 2022 (CDT)