Junk City

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Junk City in Digital Card Arena

Junk City (ジャンクシティ Janku Shiti) is a city in the Mega Area of Digi-Land.


A city with a big robot in a bad state surrounded by trees and the sea. The first time the player arrives in it, its Battle Arena was taken over by Shadramon, though he was able to beat him and return it to its original Battle Master, Great King Scumon. Unlike the previous times this happened, Great King Scumon was not being controlled by the Digimon Kaiser, and was merely beaten and had his place taken from him.


  • Battle Cafe (バトルカフェ Batoru Kafe)
  • Battle Arena (バトルアリ-ナ Batoru Arīna)

Battle Cafe Players[edit]

Junk Cafe in Digital Card Arena

Battle Arena[edit]

Junk Arena in Digital Card Arena

First Battle Arena[edit]

Second Battle Arena[edit]

  • 1st Battle: Hagurumon (Toy Party Deck)
  • 2nd Battle: Karatuki Numemon (Obstacle Jam Deck)
  • Battle Master: Great King Scumon (Daiou Banzai Deck)
    • Rewards: Passcode to Dark City, Yellow Pack, Perfect-level card (chosen at random)

Third Battle Arena[edit]


Video Games[edit]

Digimon World: Digital Card Arena[edit]


Hyper Colosseum