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Name & Etymology

Attack Techniques

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Soul Crusher [1]
ソウルクラッシャー Souru Kurasshā Bellow Blaster Uses its mic to amplify the heated emotions blazing within its chest, then bash the opponent.
Rock Damashī [1] Rock Spirit ロックダマシー Rokku Damashī Fiery Fastball Creates a ball of flame in its hand and throws it to the opponent.
Rowdy Rocker [1]
ラウディロッカー Raudi Rokkā Rock and Roller Lets it wield the mic as in bōjutsu.


Evolves From

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Digimon Xros Wars & The Evil Death General and the Seven Kingdoms

Shoutmon is the partner of Kudou Taiki and a member of Xros Heart. He lives in the Village of Smiles located in the Green Zone. He aspires to become the Digimon King in order to protect everyone in his village from the Bagra Army.

Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leapt Through Time

Shoutmon is the Digimon King (having obtained the title at the end of the previous series), and still serves as Kudou Taiki's partner and a member of Xros Heart.


Digimon Xros Wars

Shoutmon is the partner of Kudou Taiki and a member of Xros Heart.

Video Games

Digimon Masters

Digimon Life

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red & Blue

Digimon Collectors

Digimon Adventure

Digimon Fortune

Virtual Pets

Digimon Xros Loader

Digimon Mini Shoutmon Red


Hyper Colosseum
Super Digica Taisen
Digimon Jintrix
Digimon xros wars super digica taisen logo.png

Image Gallery


Shoutmon.jpg Shoutmon2b.jpg Shoutmon.png Shoutmon back.png
Bandai Bandai Toei Toei
Shoutmon4.jpg Shoutmon3.png Shoutmon4.png Shoutmon5.jpg
Toei Toei Toei Toei
Shoutmon6.jpg Shoutmon toei7.jpg Shoutmon happy.png Shoutmon angry.png
Toei Toei Toei Toei
Shoutmon2.png Shoutmon2 back.png Shoutmon2.jpg Shoutmon bnfes.jpg
Toei Toei Toei Banafes

Video Games

Shoutmon (Yellow) vg.gif Shoutmon battle dssxw.png Shoutmon map dssxw.png Shoutmon sxw portrait.png
Digimon X Arena
(yellow version)
Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue & Red
Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue & Red
Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue & Red
DMOShoutmon.png Shoutmon collectors card.jpg Shoutmon collectors card3.jpg Shoutmon collectors card2.jpg
Digimon Masters Digimon Collectors
Digimon Collectors
Digimon Collectors

Virtual Pets

Shoutmon vpet xloader.png Shoutmon vpet mini.gif
Digimon Xros Loader Digimon Mini (Xros Wars)

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