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Have you ever done something that you thought was brilliant and would work out absolutely wonderfully, and then have it work out the absolute opposite? Well, I had that experience. Last time I was on my laptop (roughly ~one year ago) I opened my gmail and set up a filter that essentially would star anything that said Wikimon and label it as such. Then I would notice it quicker and be better at making accounts. Right? Because everyone knows I suck at keeping up with making user accounts.

Well, today was the first time I've used an actual laptop in ages (I typically use my phone) and I open gmail and see the little Wikimon label is big and bold with about 25 unread messages............. apparently I hit the auto archive button, so it's been skipping my inbox and so I wasn't even noticing the e-mails because reading gmail on my phone isn't as great as you might think. So yeah, I just created a TON of new accounts. So welcome to everyone that actually is still interested in joining the community!!!! I also think I may have fixed the thing on my gmail so it won't skip my inbox. We'll see. Everyone try e-mailing me about Wikimon (include that in the subject line - that's what the filter is based on) and let's make sure it works properly.

--Koroku (talk) 17:21, 28 July 2016 (CDT)

Hey everyone~!

With Digimon Universe Appli Monsters coming out this October and lots of information released already, there's going to be lots of activity and updates. Hope everyone in school is doing well with exams, don't push yourselves too hard! --devkyu (talk) 00:37, 10 June 2016 (CDT)

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Giga Seadramon
Giga Seadramon
As a successful elaboration on Metal Seadramon, it demonstrates the fastest speed of movement and strongest ability for interception under the sea. In order to further expand its sphere of influence, the Crack Team constructed this massive Digimon in absolute secrecy and endowed it with the ability to control the sea and possession of a cruising range which covers the vast Net Ocean. Its overall length exceeds even that of Whamon, and since Digimon belonging to the Crack Team, such as Chaosdramon, can be loaded in its interior, it is no longer a lone Digimon, and it seems possible to say that it is an assault landing ship for which it isn't known when and where it will appear on the Net Ocean, or when it will launch an attack. Its Special Moves are firing an energy torpedo from the cannon in its mouth (Giga Sea Destroyer), and strafing with countless anti-aircraft energy shells fired from the launchers on its back (Sky Wave)... read more
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The countless bats used by Vamdemon are referred to as "Familiar Bats"?