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DigiXros (デジクロス Dejikurosu; Dub: DigiFuse) is a process vaguely related to Evolution in which multiple Digimon are combined into a single entity, usually achieved by the use of a Xros Loader or Darkness Loader by a human General or Digimon Hunter. The DigiXros process can merge the Digimon into a single conglomerate entity, or can turn the component Digimon - referred to as DigiXros Units - into weapons, armor or other accessories for another DigiXros unit.

Types of DigiXros


DigiXros (デジクロス Dejikurosu): It fuses two or more Digimon which belong to the same army (or Hunter) into just one.

Double Xros

Digixros doublexros 1.jpg Digixros doublexros 2.jpg Digixros doublexros 3.jpg
Digixros doublexros 4.jpg Digixros doublexros 5.jpg Digixros doublexros 6.jpg

Double Xros (ダブルクロス Daburu Kurosu): Two generals Digixros some of their Digimon when there is a bond among them.

Great Xros

Great Xros (グレートクロス Gurēto Kurosu): Three or more generals Digixros some Digimons when there is a bond among them.

Shoutmon x7.jpg

Grand Xros

Final Xros

Shoutmon x7 superior mode.jpg

Force DigiXros

Force DigiXros (強制デジクロス Kyousei Dejikurosu): Dominating another digimon's will and forcefully DigiXrosing with them.

Xros Open

Xros Open (クロスオープン Kurosu Ōpun): Involves splitting a combined digimon into the individual Digimon it once was.

Xros Up

Xros Up (クロスアップ Kurosu Appu): Used by Digimon Hunters to DigiXros their current primary digimon with a digimon stored in their Xros Loader. The names of the resulting digimon are always "Xros Up (First Digimon in Xros)". For example, Shoutmon, with Dorulumon would normally create Shoutmon + Dorulu Cannon, but instead would simply be called Xros Up Shoutmon.