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The Digital Monster Card Game (デジタルモンスター カードゲーム Dejitaru Monsutaa Kaado Geemu) is the first Digimon card game.


The Digital Monsters Card Game is referred to as Hyper Colosseum (ハイパーコロシアム Haipā Koroshiamu).


Rules and Regulations[edit]

The rules are simple:

You must have a deck with 30 cards, with, at least one Digimon Level III card.

Can be putted only three of the same card in a deck. Your Digimon has 100 points gauge in a match. If it became 0, you lose.

If your Net Ocean(deck) cards are finished, you must shuffle the Dark Area and put it on Net Ocean again.

Note: If you are in an evolved form, you must discard it before shuffling the Dark Area.

Playing the Game[edit]

Game Preparation[edit]

Prepare a set of 30 cards and place them on the playing sheet, within this set there must be at least one Level III Digimon card present. Select a Level III Digimon card from the set and place it faced down in the Digimon Box - this is always the case. Shuffle the remaining 29 cards and place them in a faced down pile to form your "Net Ocean" - your deck on the playing sheet. Take a card from the top of the deck and place it reversed on the gauge next to the red 100 point mark. This is your "Point Gauge" and is used to keep a track on the score - how many points you have out of 100. Afterwards, draw six cards from your Net Ocean and place them in your hand. To decide who battles first at the beginning of the game, have a game of rock, paper, scissors - the first person who wins starts.

Preparation Phase[edit]

In this phase, you can choose which cards you want to discard, just by putting them facedown on the Dark Area.
You can also do this to cards in the Option slot. After this, you can take more cards from Net Ocean. (You can only have six cards in your hand).

If you want to change your Level III Digimon (Child Level), you must put the new Child from your hand in the Digimon Box and send the replaced Child Digimon to the Dark Area.

Right now, you can put any one of your evolved Digimon cards (that you have in your hand) into the Evolution Box. After doing this, performe the Evolution Requeriments taking a card from Net Ocean and placing it, without looking, facedown in Evolution Requeriment Box.

You can put an Option card in the Option Slot facedown. By the time both playes completed the fase, face up the Digimon cards.

Note: Once the Net Ocean is empty, you cannot refill your hand.

Evolution Phase[edit]

To evolve your Digimon, you have to fulfill its Evolution Requeriments.

Gargomon's card as the example

Example: If you have a Terriermon card and, in the Preparation Phase, you putted a Gargomon (Gargoylemon) card in Evolution Box, you must take 2 cards from the Net Ocean and place it in Evolution Requeriment Box, without looking, in a horizontal way. Afer doing it, discard all cards used into the Dark Area.

Note: "●" and "×" are the evolution cost, and it does not affect the evolution. It is just to make a difference between "Regular Growth(●)" and "Irregular Growth(×)".
"●" means that it is in vertical way, and "×" means that it is in horizontal way.

Battle Phase[edit]

In the upper-left hand corner of every Digimon card is a letter - A, B, or C. This letter determines which type of attack your opponent must use against you. If your Digimon is an A type, the opponent must use their A attack. If you are a B type, they must use their B attack. If they are C type, then you must use your C attack. Compare of the attack types of your Digimon now.

Take into account the effects of Option cards, Special Powers, and special abilities.

The person whose attack does more damage wins.

Point Calculation Phase[edit]

The loser of the round looks at the bottom of his Digimon where the Lost Points section is located. They check the level of their opponent, and then slide the Point Gauge down to subtract the amount of points they lost according to the Lost Points section. The Digimon card is then discarded and sent to the Dark Area. If the round ended in a tie, both players lose ten points, and they keep the same Digimon.

The game ends when one player has zero points. If the Net Ocean is out of cards, discard your Digimon and shuffle the Dark Area and move the Dark Area cards to the Net Ocean.

The winner of the round goes first in the next round.

Card Sets[edit]

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