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Kanji/Kana オウジ
Age 16
Buddy Appmon Oujamon


Ouji is the heir of Teito Security and is a genius programmer and the champion of the Cyber Arena. Kayo appears to have a crush on him.


Video Games[edit]

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters[edit]

When Kazuki/Itsuki is ready to face the Cyber Arena's E Rank Master, Yukari, Ouji and Kayo show up. Kayo is upset that Kazuki/Itsuki doesn't know who "Ouji-sama" is, and Kazuki/Itsuki mistakes his name for the word "prince" (王子様, ouji-sama), asking from which country he comes from. Ouji himself finds the misunderstading funny, and clears it up by introducing himself. Kayo tells Kazuki/Itsuki about Ouji's status as heir to Teito Security and being a genius programmer, but Ouji interrupts her when she's about to tell his connection to Hifumigaoka's security systems. Onmon shows interest in fighting Ouji because he's the champion, and Ouji appliarises Oujamon to show him and Kazuki/Itsuki that they aren't ready to face him. Ouji says he looks forward for Kazuki/Itsuki and Onmon's progress, and then he and Kayo leave.

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Video Games[edit]

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