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The Leomon-species is a family of Digimon whose names and designs are based on the original Leomon.


Bancholeomon.jpg Bantyoliomon Burst Mode DS46.jpg Grappuleomon.jpg Heavyleomon.jpg Kaiserleomon2.jpg Leomon.jpg
Bancho Leomon Bancho Leomon: Burst Mode Grappu Leomon Heavy Leomon Kaiser Leomon Leomon
Leomonx.jpg Liollmon.jpg Loaderliomon.jpg Machleomon.jpg Madleomon2.jpg Madleomon armed.jpg
Leomon (X-Antibody) Liollmon Loader Leomon Mach Leomon Mad Leomon Mad Leomon: Armed Mode
Madleomon orochi.jpg Madleomon final.jpg Mush-Upped Mach Leomon.jpg Panjyamon.jpg Panjamonx.jpg Saberleomon.jpg
Mad Leomon (Orochi Mode) Mad Leomon (Final Mode) Mush-Upped Mach Leomon Panjyamon Panjyamon (X-Antibody) Saber Leomon


Chaosmon.jpg Chaosmon valdurarm.jpg Liamon.jpg Regulumon.jpg Ultimatechaosmon.jpg
Chaosmon Chaosmon: Valdur Arm Liamon Regulumon Ultimate Chaosmon

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