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DigiTama (デジタマ Dejitama) are the source of all Digimon. (Dub: DigiEgg)

All Digimon are born from DigiTama. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They typically hatch into Baby I Digimon, but will sometimes hatch directly into a higher form, even an Adult Digimon like Numemon. It is possible for a single Digitama to produce twins. They can be produced in one of three ways:

  • Random data 'roaming' the Digital World may coalesce into a DigiTama.
  • After the death of a Digimon, its data will reincarate into a Digitama, usually in the deceased Digimon's lowest form.
  • After the death of a Jogressed Digimon, instead of reincarnating into two DigiTama as above, sometimes the two Digimon will be reborn as a single combined DigiTama with the potential to grow stronger than their previous forms.

(Note: "DigiTama" is a portmanteau of the words "Digital" and "Tamago" (卵), egg in Japanese, hence it is literally translated as "DigiEgg".)




Image Gallery

Digitama bommon.jpg Digitama botamon.jpg Digitama bubbmon.jpg Digitama chicomon.jpg
Bommon Botamon Bubbmon Chicomon
Digitama choromon.jpg Digitama cocomon.jpg Digitama dodomon.jpg Digitama fufumon.jpg
Choromon Cocomon Dodomon Fufumon
Digitama jyarimon.jpg Digitama kuramon.jpg Digitama leafmon.jpg Digitama mokumon.jpg
Jyarimon Kuramon Leafmon Mokumon
Digitama nyokimon.jpg Digitama pafumon.jpg Digitama paomon.jpg Digitama petitmon.jpg
Nyokimon Pafumon Paomon Petitmon
Digitama pitchmon.jpg Digitama popomon.jpg Digitama poyomon.jpg Digitama punimon.jpg
Pitchmon Popomon Poyomon Punimon
Digitama pupumon.jpg Digitama pururumon.jpg Digitama puwamon.jpg Digitama relemon.jpg
Pupumon Pururumon Puwamon Relemon
Digitama tsubumon.jpg Digitama yukimibotamon.jpg Digitama yuramon.jpg Digitama zerimon.jpg
Tsubumon Yukimi Botamon Yuramon Zerimon
Digitama zurumon.jpg


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Armor, Hybrid
Evolution Stage