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DigiTama (デジタマ Dejitama) are the source of all Digimon. (Dub: DigiEgg)

All Digimon are born from DigiTama. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They typically hatch into Baby I Digimon, but will sometimes hatch directly into a higher form, even an Adult Digimon like Numemon. It is possible for a single Digitama to produce twins. They can be produced in one of three ways:

  • Random data 'roaming' the Digital World may coalesce into a DigiTama.
  • After the death of a Digimon, its data will reincarate into a Digitama, usually in the deceased Digimon's lowest form.
  • After the death of a Jogressed Digimon, instead of reincarnating into two DigiTama as above, sometimes the two Digimon will be reborn as a single combined DigiTama with the potential to grow stronger than their previous forms.

(Note: "DigiTama" is a portmanteau of the words "Digital" and "Tamago" (卵), egg in Japanese, hence it is literally translated as "DigiEgg".)

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Armor, Hybrid
Evolution Stage