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Baby I (幼年期 Younenki) is the term used which refers to the 1st stage of Digimon evolution straight from a DigiTama, also referred to as level I. (Dub: Baby/Fresh).

They possess very little offensive capability and generally rely on the care of other Digimon or humans to survive. Most of them attack using bubbles or some other mildly offensive technique, such as hurling themselves at an enemy.

They evolve quickly to Baby II. Most Baby I Digimon have only a single Baby II stage to evolve into, with no branching. The three current exceptions to this are Bubbmon (into Mochimon or Nyaromon), Botamon (into Koromon, Wanyamon, or Budmon) and Puwamon (into Pinamon, Chapmon, or Kyaromon). Some Digimon skip this stage entirely and will hatch into the Baby II or even Child stage from the DigiTama. Baby I Digimon don't appear in the TCG cards, aside from minor illustrations on Option Cards.

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