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Hi there! Name's Fenixray! I'm just here to edit things. Right now I'm updating profiles of folks who work on the Digimon Card Game.

My fave digimon are Shademon, Luminamon, Atamadekachimon and its preevo Minidekachimon, Weddinmon and its preevo Shortmon, Kodokugumon Child, pretty much every baby digimon but especially Pipimon, Yo!Yo!mon, Bacomon, Ekakimon, Omekamon and many more!

Fave Digimon anime: Tamers, Appmon and Ghost Game

Fave Royal Knight: Dukemon a.k.a Gallantmon

Fave Demon Lord: Beelzebumon

Fave X antibody design: Lilithmon X, Numemon X and Mephismon X

Fave Armour: Gargomon, Pucchiemon and Magnamon