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The battle that took place in the Digital World had ended in victory for the humans and Digimon, who joined forces. A year on since that battle...

Akashi Tagiru, a member of the “Xros Heart” street basketball team, has aimed to surpass Kudou Taiki, his senpai whom he respects, and his classmate, Amano Yuu, to become the top star of the team someday. But, some mysterious youths suddenly appear before Taiki, who was spending peaceful days. They leave behind a significant warning, “From now on, whatever happens in this town, don't interfere”, and then leave...

Tagiru, who is completely unaware of the unusual phenomena occurring in town, visits the game center one day. Then, Tagiru witnesses a strange phenomenon, it was as if the flow of time had become out of the ordinary. Furthermore, there is a sign of someone wriggling in the vicinity, but... Having heard the voice of someone injured, Tagiru enters “DigiQuartz” due to a distortion in space. There, it is a world where time flows at a different rate to the Real World. Inside DigiQuartz, what Tagiru saw was the sight of the three of the boys and a girl hunting monsters called Digimon. They were the mysterious youths who appeared to warn Taiki; it was the three of Ryouma, Ren and Airu.

Having come across Gumdramon, the owner of the voice speaking at the game center, Tagiru saves Gumdramon, who was nearly hunted by Ryouma and the others. Tagiru gets along with Gumdramon straight away, and they decide to participate in the Digimon Hunt. Tagiru, who visited a watch store on the outskirts which was becoming a rumor for the Digimon Hunters, somehow receives a Xros Loader from the suspicious Old Clock Shop Man.

Tagiru, who arrived at DigiQuartz, has an encounter with Metal Tyranomon. Although they immediately try to partake in the Digimon Hunt, Tagiru and Gumdramon are in a big pinch, combined with Metal Tyranomon’s counterattack. Then, Gumdramon super-evolves to Arresterdramon due to his Xros Loader, which began to shine! He defeats Metal Tyranomon with overwhelming power, and they both succeed in their first ever Hunt.

The young Hunters continue to hunt Digimon that appear one by one in the Human World, and so Taiki, Tagiru and Yuu's new adventure had begun!!