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The Seadramon-species (シードラモン種/シードラモン系 Shīdoramon-shu/Shīdoramon-kei) is a family of Digimon who all have the suffix "-Seadramon" in their name. Metal Seadramon is considered their final form.[1]. There is a rumor that Seahomon might have some sort of connection with Seadramon-species Digimon.[2]


ChaosSeadramon.png Gigaseadramon.jpg Megaseadramon.jpg Megaseadramonx.jpg Metalseadramon.jpg Seadramon.jpg
Chaos Seadramon Giga Seadramon Mega Seadramon Mega Seadramon (X-Antibody) Metal Seadramon Seadramon
Seadramonx.jpg Waruseadramon.jpg
Seadramon (X-Antibody) Waru Seadramon


Ageisdramon.jpg NeoCrimson.png Seahomon.jpg
Aegisdramon Neo Crimson Seahomon

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