Glacial Time Zone

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Glacial Time Zone
Glacial Time Zone
Kanji/Kana ダイノ古代境時静域
Part of: File Island: Great Canyon: Ancient Dino Region

Glacial Time Zone (ダイノ古代境時静域 Daino Kodaikyou Jisei'iki) is the entrance and first half of Ancient Dino Region.


In the Glacial Time Zone, time passes much more slowly. Its effect is demonstrated on ancient Digimon such as Brachiomon and Monochromon, who reside here. The water around the area is murky, but is extremely still. One can feel the calmness in the atmosphere just by being there.



Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

In the Glacial Time Zone, time passes by half as quickly as in other areas of File Island. Thus, Digimon don't require food or bathroom nearly as often and they age more slowly. This area contains a vending machine, which randomly vendors items when paid. One such item is the Moldy Meat (くさった肉 Kusatta Niku, meaning Rotten Meat), which is rarely found anywhere else, and can be useful if a Digimon needs to become sick for a particular reason.