Black Digitron

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Black Digitron
Black Digitron
Kanji/Kana ブラックデジトロン

Black Digitron (ブラックデジトロン, Burakku Dejitoron) is a mysterious secretion that is said to influence the evolution of a Digimon into a darker colored subspecies. In recent years, it has been confirmed that if it is mixed in with someone in some form or other, they will temporarily take on a black appearance, and during that time, their power will increase.[1]

In the case of Black Gaogamon and Black Mach Gaogamon, the influence of Black Digitron seems to have lowered their speed and agility, but increased endurance.[2][3] Its introduction into Omegamon Alter-S caused it to lose its sense of self, leaving it in a berserk state.[4]

Digimon with Black Digitron[edit]


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