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Appliarise Action (アプリアライズアクション, Apuriaraizu Akushon) is an upcoming series of figures based around the Appmon that appear in Digimon Universe Appli Monsters.

List of Figures[edit]

AA-01 - Gatchmon[edit]

AA-02 - Dokamon[edit]

AA-03 - DoGatchmon[edit]

AA-04 - Hackmon[edit]

AA-05 - Musimon[edit]

AA-06 - Raidramon[edit]

AA-07 - Timemon[edit]

AA-08 - Globemon[edit]

AA-09 - Revivemon[edit]

AA-10 - Oujamon[edit]

AA-11 - Entermon[edit]

AA-12 - Shutmon[edit]

AA-13 - Gaiamon[edit]