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Appliarise Action (アプリアライズアクション, Apuriaraizu Akushon) is a series of figures based around the Appmon that appear in Digimon Universe Appli Monsters.

List of Figures[edit]

AA-01 - Gatchmon[edit]

AA-02 - Dokamon[edit]

AA-03 - DoGatchmon[edit]

AA-04 - Hackmon (Appmon)[edit]

AA-05 - Musimon[edit]

AA-06 - Raidramon[edit]

AA-07 - Timemon[edit]

AA-08 - Globemon[edit]

AA-09 - Revivemon[edit]

AA-10 - Oujamon[edit]

AA-11 - Entermon[edit]

AA-12 - Shutmon[edit]

AA-13 - Gaiamon[edit]

Image Gallery[edit]

Appliariseaction gatchmon.jpg Appliariseaction dokamon.jpg Appliariseaction dogatchmon.jpg Appliariseaction hackmon.jpg
Gatchmon Appliarise Action 01 Dokamon Appliarise Action 02 DoGatchmon Appliarise Action 03 Hackmon Appliarise Action 04
Appliariseaction musimon.jpg Appliariseaction raidramon.jpg Appliariseaction timemon.jpg Appliariseaction globemon.jpg
Musimon Appliarise Action 05 Raidramon Appliarise Action 06 Timemon Appliarise Action 07 Globemon Appliarise Action 08
Appliariseaction revivemon.jpg Appliariseaction oujamon.jpg Appliariseaction entermon.jpg Appliariseaction shutmon.jpg
Revivemon Appliarise Action 09 Oujamon Appliarise Action 10 Entermon Appliarise Action 11 Shutmon Appliarise Action 12
Appliariseaction gaiamon.jpg
Gaiamon Appliarise Action 13

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