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Singular Rider S: MemorieS of Destiny is the 2021 adventure-fighting game released on March 13, 2021 on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5. It was based on Keijidōsha Sentai Riserger and Singular Rider S, serves as a celebration of S Anniversary. This game take place after Shiho and the others defeated the Frieza Force by saving 2B and Samuel Nakaoka the Second left Team ARC-V.

It's PR the Series counterpart called PR the Series S: The Destined MemorieS which the storyline is altered.


  • It was more Yakuza game-style than adventure-fight game.


Prologue: Beginning the Invasion[edit]

Long after 2B's rampage incident, Shiho and Koharu wandering toward to Galar Region's Slumbering Weald for research about the strange phenomenon since 2B's attack on Pokemon World. While they investigate the strange phenomenon, Evolto sense something ominously directly toward Shiho and Koharu which the army of Red Lord's Baron. They fight Red Lord's Baron army and won, but it was cut short that the mysterious foe appeared.

Shiho's Story[edit]

Broly's Story[edit]

Emi Sendou's Story[edit]

Samuel Nakaoka's Story[edit]

Finale Story[edit]



Shiho Saga[edit]

  • Shiho Suzui/RiserRed -
    • Shiho: Super Saiyan God
    • RiserRed Assault Dragon
    • RiserRed Ophiuassault Dragon
    • RiserRed Ophiuassault Dragon
    • RiserRed Rampaging Dragonic
    • RiserRed DragonicLeopard
  • Boruto Uzumaki/RiserSilver -
    • RiserSilver Herculan
  • Jin/RiserShadows -
    • RiserShadows: Kamen Rider Jin Flying Falcon
    • RiserShadows: Kamen Rider Jin Burning Falcon
  • Koharu/RiserEvol -
    • Koharu: RiserEvol
    • Evol: Kamen Rider Evol

Samuel Nakaoka Saga[edit]

  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second/Singular Rider SX/Past Red Ranger forms (Tyrannoranger to ZyuohEagle) -
    • Singular Rider S (prior Kazuma invented SX System)
    • S COMPLETE Form
  • Tsumiki Kashiwagi/ZyuohShark -
    • Mahou Shoujo Tsumiki
  • Kumon Kai/ZyuohLion -
    • Baronquest → Red Lord's Baron (Briefly) → Baronquest Legacy
  • Yuya Sakaki -
    • Supreme King Zarc-Yuya
  • Yuzu Hiiragi -
  • Supreme Queen Ray-Yuzu
  • Leona West -
  • Natsume Amano -
    • Shuka Awakened
  • Emi Sendou (IF) -
  • Broly -
    • Legendary Super Saiyan 2
  • Frieza -
    • Golden Frieza
  • Zelenin -
  • Goku Black -
    • Goku Black Super Saiyan Rosé

Ally Playables[edit]

Like the previous games, this gameplay will retains Ally Playable in the story mode while they can still used in Battle Mode.

  • 2B: Model SS (Model Super Special) - An 2B from another timeline that being infected by Cyemotional-virus and went berserk when Frieza (forcibly ordered by Broly) killed 9S because he has a Cyemotional-virus before being badly damaged by Broly.
  • Kazuma Kiryu
  • Broly (Timeline 2) -
  • Android 21
    • Majin Form (Good)
    • Majin Form (Evil)


  • Kouji Ibuki (IF) -
  • Shutendoji -


  • Red Lord's Baron Dummyloids -
  • Fused Zamasu Dummyloids -
  • Metal Cooler Troopers -
  • 9S Mass-Production Models - The mass-produced 9S model that exactly the same as real 9S from another timeline built by Broly as training fighting machine in order 2B to become a ultimate fighter by provoking her that the Frieza Force destroyed 9S.