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Name & Etymology

Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Holy Flare [1] ホーリーフレア Hōrī Furea
Annihilates one zone with a pillar of light.
Poison Hole [1] ポイゾンホール Poizon Hōru Venom Ball Attacks one zone with a poisonous vortex.
Dread Night [1] ドレッドナイト Doreddo Naito Dreadful Night Unleashes nightmares on one zone, draining life.
Dark Banish [1] ダークバニッシュ Dāku Banisshu Vanishing Touch Devastates three zones with a swarm of bats made from dark energy.
Finger Bomb [1] フィンガーボム Fingā Bomu
Firebombs one zone.
Ghoul Bind [1] グールバインド Gūru Baindo Ghoulish Bind Binds one zone with dark power, inflicting paralysis.
Wind Blade [1] ウィンドブレード Windo Burēdo Gusty Blade Slices one zone with a wind blade.
Corona [1] コロナ Korona
Immolates all zones with an explosive beam of fire.
Call Avenger [1] コールアヴェンジャー Kōru Avuenjā Avenger Increases its own speed.
Play of God [1] プレイオブゴッド Purei obu Goddo
Heals itself.
Power Sink [1] パワーシンク Pawā Shinku Power Sucker Uses dark power to decrease attack in one zone.


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Digimon Story[edit]

When you finish navigating the Destroyed Field, you'll find Alphamon and the Bad Tamers trying to awaken Chronomon. After battling four elemental pods that guard it, it awakens as Chronomon Destroy Mode and attacks you. Following its defeat, it returns to its true self, Chronomon Holy Mode.

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