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The Chrono Core (クロノコア, Kurono Koa) is a digital lifeform which serves as the main antagonist in Digimon Story: Sunburst and Moonlight. It is a sentient virus which degrades and destroys all data in the Digital World. It improved itself with the Digi-Entelechy produced by Culumon, and set out to take down Yggdrasill and rewrite the Digital World, in order to make the Digital World itself perish.



Video Games[edit]

Digimon Story: Sunburst & Moonlight[edit]

The YMIR Project was started by CITY long ago in order to set a lifespan on Digimon in order to make them evolve like humans. Although the project was canceled, it produced the "Chrono Data" in the form of the Super-Ultimate Digimon, Chronomon Holy Mode. When Chronomon was forced into its destructive Chronomon DM, the "Chrono Core" virus was produced. This virus had the end-goal of taking down Yggdrasill and rewriting the Digital World.

After Chronomon Destroyer Mode is defeated, the Chrono Core fuses with Grimmon, giving it the "Chrono Destruction" (Chrono DSR) ability, in order to take down CITY and the rest of the Digital World. Grimmon first uses "Chrono Destruction" to steal all of the Digi-Entelechy from the CITY Digimon, reverting them to Digi-Eggs. These Digi-Entelechy increased its power, and gave it the ability to "control all Evolution here in the Digital World." Grimmon is driven off by the protagonist, and after being fought again at Limit Valley, it appears at Access Glacier, where it begins using the Chrono Core to possess the humans of CITY. Although the protagonist frees their own team, the Chrono Core is still in control of the other team, and it combines with that team leader's partner to form either Chaos Dukemon Core (Sunburst) or Ofanimon Core (Moonlight). The protagonist ventures into the other team's domain in order to free them of the Chrono Core's control, but after doing so, the Chrono Core breaks into the Chaos Brain and forces Grimmon to evolve into Chaos Grimmon and then Exo Grimmon, which it dubs the "Ultimate Chrono DSR". However, Grimmon's power is not enough, and the Chrono Core is again defeated. As it flees, it laments, "If only Chronomon were here."

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