all of my mind

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CD Data[edit]

Title all of my mind
All of My Mind
all of my mind
all of my mind
Code NECA-30052
Release Date December 05, 2001
Language Japanese
Artist(s) Wada Koji (和田光司)

all of my mind is the 1st album of Japanese singer Wada Koji. Released on December 5, 2001. Music Publisher is the index, is a distributor from the label King Records (NECA-30052).

Track listing[edit]

Track Name Translation Kanji/Kana Songwriter Composer Arranger Duration
1 Starting Over Starting Over Starting Over Wada Koji (和田光司) Chiwata Hidenori (千綿偉功) Takō Makoto (田光マコト) 04:27
2 Butter-Fly Butter-Fly バタフライ Chiwata Hidenori (千綿偉功) Chiwata Hidenori (千綿偉功) Watanabe Cher (渡部チェル) 04:18
3 Kaze Wind Wada Koji (和田光司),
Yamada Hiroshi (山田ひろし)
Ōkubo Kaoru (大久保薫),
Yamada Hiroshi (山田ひろし)
Watanabe Cher (渡部チェル),
Yamada Hiroshi (山田ひろし)
4 Egao Smile 笑顔 Wada Koji (和田光司) Wada Koji (和田光司),
Ohta Michihiko(太田美知彦)
Ohta Michihiko (太田美知彦) 05:14
5 Seven Seven Seven Koyama Kōhei (小山晃平) Koyama Kōhei (小山晃平) Watanabe Cher (渡部チェル) 04:17
6 Target ~Akai Shōgeki~ Target (Red Crash) ターゲット~赤い衝撃~ Matsuki Yū (松木悠) Ohta Michihiko (太田美知彦) Ohta Michihiko (太田美知彦) 04:28
7 Shōjo no Mama De Remaining a Girl 少女のままで Wada Koji (和田光司) Ohta Michihiko (太田美知彦) Ohta Michihiko (太田美知彦) 04:27
8 Boku wa Boku Datte Because I'm Me 僕は僕だって Matsuki Yū (松木悠) Ohta Michihiko (太田美知彦) Watanabe Cher (渡部チェル) 04:13
9 Say Again Say Again Say Again Wada Koji (和田光司),
Ohta Michihiko (太田美知彦)
Wada Koji (和田光司),
Ohta Michihiko (太田美知彦)
Ohta Michihiko (太田美知彦) 04:21
10 Kimi-iro no Mirai (Yume) The Future of Your Color (Dream) 君色の未来 (ゆめ) Wada Koji (和田光司) Watanabe Cher (渡部チェル) Watanabe Cher (渡部チェル) 04:40
11 The Biggest Dreamer The Biggest Dreamer ザビッゲストドリーマー Yamada Hiroshi (山田ひろし) Ohta Michihiko (太田美知彦) Ohta Michihiko (太田美知彦) 03:51
12 Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love halta Takou Makoto (田光マコト) Takou Makoto (田光マコト) 06:20