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Evolved from Chimairamon + Mugendramon's data
Evolved into Moon Millenniumon
Zeed Millenniumon

Millenniumon (Chimairamon in Digimon S saga) is the main antagonist in Digimon S saga games and the true antagonist in Digimon Adventures 02 anime as well the mastermind behind the events of Digimon Adventures. He's the sworn enemy of Hikari Yagami who attempts to merge every timelines into unified timeline with his own image until his plan is foiled by them (Samuel Nakaoka the Second only in chapter 1 through 4 and Hikari Yagami only in chapter 5 through 10 in the first game and Hikari Yagami in the second game as Millenniumon, and later both in the third and final game as Moon Millenniumon and Zeed Millenniumon). However, before their memories are erased in the final game, an dying Millenniumon release his small thin spear with his last breath on Samuel Nakaoka, but Hikari protected him which the spear impales her chest instead; thus forcing her to remember the past adventures.


Millenniumon is the cunning and most powerful evil Digimon who conquers time and space.



Millenniumon as Chimairamon is born from the worlds' attempted merging and failed merging which is cause to create a evil Digimon. Chimairamon then created Apocalymon who serves as a root of evil to merge the unified timeline by spreading darkness. Chimairamon also has a power to spread virus to control the wild or good Digimon alike. Because of Samuel Nakaoka's trauma about Hari's past life and Maki's loss of Bakumon, Chimairamon become stronger and seals the Four Holy Beasts, freeing the Dark Masters.

Digimon S: Chimaira and Mugendra Version[edit]

Digimon S2: Past and Future Version[edit]

Digimon S3: Unified Version[edit]

Digimon Adventures 02[edit]

His spirit lives on Ken's body and possessing him, converging him into Digimon Kaiser. He then creating the Evil Ring to control the Digimon for his biddings. When he saw Samuel Nakaoka and Hikari with no memories about the past fights, he realize that Osamu erasing their memories to prevent him from the disastrous events before his death at hands by him. After Samuel and Hikari re-obtains the Jogress Evolution and slowly recovered their memories, Millenniumon preparing his first phase's plan: to restore his body.

Dark Satan appeared in the Digital World and revealed to Belial Vamdemon that the Dark Spores that he created produces an evil energy in order to resurrect himself. Hikari realize that Dark Satan is Millenniumon's spirit and he revealed to Hikari that his spirit is never been destroyed as long he revived that Hikari destroyed his Zeed Millienniumon form. Millenniumon in his Dark Satan disguise badly wounded Belial Vamdemon by stabbing his chest, devolved back to Vamdemon and absorbed the Black Spores that he stoles.

Post-ZEXAL Saga II[edit]

As Samuel Nakaoka the Second rest on the hospital bed, Hikari appeared, but she has a different personality when Beerus is suspicious at Hikari.


During Shiho's journey to find away back home with the unexpected help of Goku Black, Hikari with her different personality appeared as she grabbed Jikukame from Boruto to prevent him from traveling to the past again. She revealed to Shiho and the others herself to be Millenniumon. He explains that his soul possessed Hikari's body to prevent himself to being destroyed. He, however, desires to save the worlds from the upcoming invasion. He asked Shiho and the others why they come here on the past and Shiho answered him that they traveled back to the present time. Millenniumon warned Shiho and the others even Beerus that if the Time Machine is broken, it will cause to create a paradoxical timeline forever. Shiho challenge Millenniumon (as Hikari) for a battle in order to prove that Shiho and the others are the best team and surprisingly accept Shiho's request quickly.

After Kumon is finally destroyed, Millenniumon learned that Shiho obtained Limit Selflessness and has a real name: Selflessness Resonance.