Tyrano Valley

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Tyrano Valley
Tyrano Valley
Kanji/Kana ティラノ・バレー
Dub Name Tyranno Valley
Type Valley
Part of: Asuka Server: East Sector

Tyrano Valley (ティラノ・バレー Tirano Barē, dub: Tyranno Valley) is a valley in the East Sector of Asuka Server.


Tyrano Valley is a valley to the north of Kicking Forest. Ladders and dinosaur bones form paths which eventually leads to a dinosaur skull on the top of the valley. In the mouth of the skull is a throne from which Master Tyranomon watches over the valley and awaits challengers. It will grant an Old Claw to those who defeats it, which will allow the bearer to challenge Seiryu Leader to battle.



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