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Chinese Profile[edit]

因大多数种族都在稀有之地生存,所以即使遇到不同种族的数码宝贝,也会有很强的同伴意识。尤其和加布兽关系极好。 普通技是从嘴里吐出无数个冰锥的「威锋冰箭」。必杀技是用双爪连续攻击的「冰封连击」。

A Small Dragon Digimon that resides in areas isolated from the outside world by ice. Through its training in the cold, harsh lands, it is able to lift objects heavier than itself with ease. However, because its body is made mainly out of ice, its body will shrink and its power will weaken when it comes into contact with heat. Because they are usually a minority species where they live, they will tend to form very strong bonds even with Digimon of different species that they encounter. It is especially close to Gabumon. Its Signature Move is spitting countless icicles from its mouth (Power-tipped Ice Arrows). Its Special Move is attacking continuously with the claws on both hands (Ice-sealing Thrashing).