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Meianmon (メイアンモン)
Digimon noimage.jpg
Level Ultimate
Type Kunoichi
Attribute Vaccine
Evolved from Metal Seadramon + Huanglongmon
Digimon Reference Book

An Kunoichi Digimon is the fusion of two Chosen Children Digimon Metal Seadramon and Huanglongmon obtained from the wishes of the Evolution God and also the member of the "Seven Kunoichi". Surpassed from Omegamon and Chaosmon's abilities, Meianmon's abilities are incomparable which allows to slay a false god who opposing any gods. It is equipped with a modified cannon on its Metal Seadramon-shaped right arm: "Seadra Cannon" and a sword made from the Black Digizoid on its Huanglongmon-shaped left arm: "Huanglong Sword". It was also said that Meianmon has a power to travel many timelines or other multiverses by creating the time portal to travel to the past, present, and future. Its Special Attack is Burst of Time allowing it to create a rainbow ball of time-space energy to shoot out the opponents, sending them to the unknown timelines. Combined with Ordinemon Justice, Ordinemon Justice became Ordine Arrow of Space-Time which allows it to use its final Special Attack called Space-Time Arrow of All Deletion to shoot arrow of space-time to erase the pure-evil souls in existence even the false evil gods.

Anime History

The ultimate Jogress Evolution of the Dark Master Metal Seadramon and Four Holy Beasts' leader Huanglongmon born from the mark of the Evolution God Head. Meianmon is the legendary Digimon that was created by the miracle of the Evolution God in order to defeat the Dark Masters. This Digimon is incomparable to the any Ultimate Digimon.

powerful enough to erase Kumon Kai's soul by using Space-Time Arrow of All Deletion with the help of Shiho's awakened BEAST Mode and perform Time Rejuvanation to revive those who have been killed and the events of Infection will never happened though they have still memories about this events; thus ending Kumon's diabolical Death Zero plot forever. With Kumon Kai's destruction, Shiho and the others preparing to leave to the present as Whis used the Super Dragon Balls to revive Kumon Kai, but Samuel Nakaoka angrily refused to let them revive Kumon because he's has his mortally crimes for using Yggdrasil and responsible for the Infection outbreak as well altering the Reboot program to remove the Digimon's memories. Much to everyone's surprises, Beerus has finally understand Samuel Nakaoka's hateful feelings about does not want Kumon to befriended him who refused to remain good nor evil. Because of Kumon's diabolical master plan to destroy and recreate the worlds with his own image, Goku Black requested Ordinemon to create a kindhearted Spirit Core for Kumon's lifeless body and she gladly accepted which she created the new Spirit Core represents the true friendship and true good that opposite of sin, hate and mortal evil as Samuel Nakaoka happily agreed with it. Meianmon create the Time Portal and Shiho and the others returns to the present. According to Ibuki, Meianmon and her higher forms are created from Evolution God powers that wielded by Hari Koo, the original incarnation of Samuel Nakaoka the Second and Maki Himekawa after the spirits of the past incarnations are absorbed inside both Samuel Nakaoka and Maki.

Bond's Sword (ボンドスソード)
Cascade Cannon (カスケードストリーム)
Space-Time Arrow of All Deletion (時空矢のオール デリーション)
Time Rejuvanation
Huanglong Sword (黄龍剣)
Seadra Cannon (海龍砲)
Ordine Arrow of Space-Time (時空のオルディネ矢)