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Just as translation notes. If you can improve on the wording, please do (and notify me so I can spread your correction to DigiWiki):

I assumed the Darts it was using were those of the actual game "Darts", but it was hard to word the first sentence. It's supposed to mean that it's good at Darts, the game, but with Big Darts.

The sentence about confounding the opponent - I think it's supposed to be a reference to the weird pattern that knight's jump in, and unlike other chess pieces, Knight's are actually "Jumping" over others to land in unexpected places. Basically, I think the sentence means that KnightChessmon can jump over the opponent's formations, get in their, and disrupt things.

The literal meaning of it's favorite term is used to mean "One-on-one duel". However, it's also a historical Warring States era term referring to two mounted warriors dueling each other. The Western equivalent, in this case, is clear, so I think I nailed the intended meaning there.

Gallop Whole doesn't actually say "landing", but it was difficult to phrase (Leaps high into air and opponent-trampling strike technique)

"Tilt" is a jousting term referring to lowering the lance to horizontal. The specific verb used in the bio was to "ready and make horizontal" the Darts. Tilt seemed like a good fit, but if it's unclear, this is the meaning, so you can write up a little note.KrytenKoro06 11:56, 16 June 2009 (UTC)