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Name: Digimon Page/Statistics Template


The Statistics Template, also referred to as the Channel Template, is a standard uniform template for a Digimon's individual account.

It is designed to fully/extensively incorporate the Japanese and English aspects of information provided for a Digimon, linking the two together as well as producing a detailed collection of data from official, valid sources, through Bandai, Toei or any other corporate bodies or individuals associated with the Digimon franchise.

The structure of the template, achieved through the use of a tabbing system, is primarily designed to aid in verifying claims regarding a Digimon's statistics to original sources and to enable viewers to learn and distinguish between Japanese-English equivalents in terminology used throughout a range of media within the franchise. To operate effectively with a Digimon page, another feature of the template is "self-generating categories". When a parameter is given a specific input, a category is automatically added to the bottom of the page; this helps in conserving bandwidth as well as facilitating in constructing a Digimon page.


Name (name)[edit]

Since the template automatically displays the current page name, the "name" parameter overrides this so that a more suitable name can be displayed instead.


Minimum weight (w)[edit]

Group (g)[edit]

Subspecies (s)[edit]

Equipment (wp)[edit]

Profile (translated into English) (e)[edit]

Profile (original Japanese text) (j)[edit]

Digimon Dictionary profile url (u)[edit]

Digimon Dictionary categorization (d)[edit]

Etymology (ety)[edit]

Language abbreviations[edit]

Language Template abbreviation Result
Arabic {{ARA}} Arabic |
Assyrian {{ASS}} Assyrian |
Balinese {{BAL}} Balinese |
Chinese {{ZHO}} Chinese (中文) |
Dutch {{DUT}} Dutch/Nederlands |
Egyptian {{EGY}} Egyptian |
English {{ENG}} English |
Etruscan {{ETR}} Etruscan |
Finnish {{FIN}} Finnish |
French {{FRA}} French (Français) |
Old Gaelic {{GA}} Old Gaelic |
German {{DEU}} German (Deutsch) |
Greek {{GRE}} Greek (Ελληνικά) |
Hebrew {{HEB}} Hebrew |
Italian {{ITA}} Italian (Italiano) |
Japanese {{JP}} Japanese |
Korean {{KOR}} Korean (한국어) |
Latin {{LAT}} Latin |
Māori {{MAO}} Māori |
Old Norse {{NRS}} Old Norse |
Persian {{PER}} Persian |
Portuguese {{PRT}} Portuguese (Português) |
Russian {{RUS}} Russian |
Romanian {{ROM}} Romanian (Română) |
Sanskrit {{SAN}} Sanskrit (संस्कृतम्) |
Spanish {{ESP}} Spain |
Sumerian {{SUM}} Sumerian |

Quotations (q)[edit]

This is intended for producing a compilation of card blurbs, along with Digimon Analyzer information from various series applicable to a particular Digimon.

Card blurbs[edit]

To add a blurb, use the {{BQ}} template (BQ is an acronym for Blurb Quotation). The BQ template functions in the following format:

|'''''Japanese Text''''' (exactly how it is displayed on the card, excluding the Furigana)
|'''''English translation''''' 
|'''''Card number''''' (this also contains a discrete link to the actual card page itself)


  • If all the parameters include some form of input, it yields:

金! 金! 金! Gold! Gold! Gold! ” - DM02-035

  • If the Kanji is not added (including or excluding a romanization), but a translation of the blurb is available along with the original card source, it results in:

This protector of justice is a little bit cowardly! ” - Bo-110