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The Digimon Reboot (デジモンリブート Dejimon Ribūto) series consists of highly detailed and articulated figurine kits featuring popular digimon with upgraded appearances reminiscent of mecha suits, such as Gundam. Despite art featuring several models planned, there was only a single toy released in 2010. Although the Omegamon figure is periodically re-released, it is unknown if there will be any other additions to the series.

List of Figures[edit]

Name Release Date Availability Re-Release
Omegamon November 20, 2010
Dukemon N/A Prototype created, Unreleased    
Angemon N/A Unreleased    
Devimon N/A Unreleased    
Omegamon (Special Clear Color Ver.) July 31, 2015 Bandai Collectors Shop Exclusive

Image Gallery[edit]

Omegamon reboot2.jpg Dukemon reboot.jpg Angemon reboot.jpg Devimon reboot.jpg Reboot omegamon clear4.jpg
Omegamon Dukemon Angemon Devimon Omegamon (Special Clear Color Ver.)

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