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Chrondigizoit Metal (クロンデジゾイトメタル, Kurondejizoito Metaru, dub: Kulon Digizoite Metal[1]) is a metal derived from Huanglong Ore.[2]

The formal name of the Chrondigizoit alloy used by Metal-species Digimon is called "Chrondigizoit Hybrid Organism alloy" and is abbreviated as "CHO-alloy". Chrondigizoit alloy is an intermediate material between Chrondigizoit metal and living tissue, so it is able to integrate with living tissue, and it possesses both the super-hard firmness of Chrondigizoit, as well as the smoothness of living tissue.[3] Guardromon (Gold) defends the Chrondigizoit mines from repeated, relentless raids from illegal miners, and as result of taking in the Chrondigizoit dust data floating in the air, its armor became more durable.[4]

Digimon/Others with Chrondigizoit Metal[edit]

Digimon Type Location
Guardromon (Gold) Chrondigizoit Body


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